Yoga mudras for healthy beard growth

Beard Growth

Beard Growth

Beard is the natural outgrown facial hair of male human beings. It is the hair of a man but not of a boy even though it starts showing up from teenage in most male beings. Growing of beard is part of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics controlled by testosterone hormone in the male human body.

The beard covers the facial skin attached to the chin, the cheek, the neckline, the jawline, and the sideburns. Moustache is the same kind of hair growing between the nose and the upper lips, connecting either side of the beard of the face.

After all, the beard is the man's most eligible criteria. Man is independent due to the warmness beard hair provides. A woman depends on a man for he possesses warmness. The beard growth is the passion of the man. He is called handsome for he handles that awesome beard in his body's life.

Beard growth is a general concern in a man's life whether it is growing good or not growing at all. If the beard grows faster, 

Yoga Mudras

Yoga mudras are often combined with deep breathing exercises also known as pranayama. Yoga Mudras can also be combined with certain types of asanas. Mudras have been found to be effective in providing and maintaining holistic health; physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

There is no disease that cannot be cured or controlled with the help of yoga Mudras.

In such a way, yoga mudras are supposed to help out beard growth and skincare, too.

Any yoga mudra is supposed to be given some time in order to make out a possible change in the body. Any yoga mudra is a way closer to meditation only but with a certain type of finger holding or folding in the hand.

Any yoga mudra is supposed to be seated for at least fifteen to forty-five minutes and throughout the time, one must breathe consciously. 

Yoga Mudras for beard growth

Prasanna Mudra

This yoga mudra is also called Hairdo posture. Practice this by placing your hand near the chest. Rub the nails of your four fingers against each other for at least 5 to 10 minutes. It makes the hair lustrous, healthy, reduces graying, and prevents hair loss.

Prasanna mudra promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. It is one of the best yoga mudras For hair growth And reducing hair loss.

Prithvi Mudra

It can be formed by joining the tip of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb finger. This mudra increases earth elements within the body which helps hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Prithvi mudra is known to coordinate body weight, blood circulation, digestive power, and vitamin deficiency-associated problems.

When the blood circulation is better at an action in the body, the body would then have an ease to supply the required nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and hormones to the required place.

In such a way, the weak hair roots get energized and are made strong. Our blood supply from the heart gets stronger thereby the follicles get nourished, and the roots get healthy.

Gyan mudra

Gyan mudra is a yoga mudra known to calm the mind in the foremost priority.

Gyan mudra is performed by attaching the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb finger thereby radiating and generating certain kinds of conditions and coordinations in the body that further cope with the mind diligence.

As the mind is most known to settle in the head part of the body and hair is certainly placed over the head and across the face, the proper and healthy hair growth needs a calm mind, first of all, which is quite a possible thing by Gyan mudra. 

On the regular practice of this mudra, the hair follicles and the scalp respond to the simulations caused by this. Consequently, there is no more hair loss. After the problem of hair fall is arrested, the next aspect is that of dense hair growth, which is sparked off.

Vaayu mudra

Vaayu mudra is a yoga mudra made possible through the folding of the index finger by the grip of the thumb finger resulting in a certain muscle and nerve strain stimulus resulting in peace of mind and stomach that further results in a cool and composed body. 

Prana mudra

Prana is another name for life force or life. Praana mudra is the most energy-vitalizing yogic practice. The bringing of the little finger and ring finger in the control of the thumb finger is what is called prana mudra.

The purpose of prana mudra is to help stimulate the root chakra or the mooladhara chakra and then starts off to augment the vital force of the body which would look after taking care of each and every part of the body if being conscious.

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