Why You Should Moisturize Your Face And Beard Daily?

Moisturize face and beard

Need To Moisturize Face And Beard

Taking care of your skin is very important and it should become a part of your daily routine. You might have heard that a beard requires the same care. Moisturizing helps keep your skin and beard makes you look and feel young. When we moisturize our face regularly, it helps in reducing the risk of skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and much more. Without moisturizing, your beard can become frail, dry, irritated and possibly lead to beard hair loss.

Why moisturize your face and beard?

Suppose a pair of leather boots are worn regularly and are exposed to the blistering sun and the dry wind. What would happen if you do not properly take care of and condition those boots? It might go bad. The same thing happens to your skin and beard. If you have a beard, that too might dry out and deteriorates.

To keep your beard in its best condition, you must moisturize and take proper care of it. 

How should you moisturize your beard? 

1. Shampoo

You must start your day with a clean slate. You should stay away from soaps and facial cleansers since these can dry out your beard facial hair especially if they contain sulfates or alcohol.

Reasons To Use A Beard Shampoo:

  1. It Smells Better
  2. It is designed for your face
  3. It is less harsh

You must take proper care of your beard by using appropriate beard washes or beard shampoo. Mars by GHC Beard Growth Shampoo strengthens your beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals such as Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free. Regular nourishment and protection from breakage is the key to a healthy beard.

2. Condition

Now, you should follow up with a conditioner, which will restore your moisture while calming your skin. 

3. Apply Beard Oil

The act of cleaning your beard, its daily wear and tear and the wicking away of sebum (oil) from the face by facial hair can lead to a brittle beard. You must replenish natural oils with beard oil, which is designed to prevent dryness and itchiness by moisturizing your skin and beard.

You should work it into your beard using your fingertips while using a comb or a brush to evenly distribute the oils to all part of your beard.

Minoxidil is only FDA approved for scalp use and not on the face, so this is one of the major things that you must keep in mind before you try using Minoxidil for your beard growth. 

Several pieces of research on Minoxidil for beard has been going on for a while now and if you have made up your mind on using it then you should read this research paper. Minoxidil’s side effects are hard to avoid, when Minoxidil is used on the scalp people can face redness, dry scalp or itchiness which sometimes also goes unnoticed, but on the face, it would be very noticeable.

4. Apply beard balm as necessary

You can also apply beard balm if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Your beard is particularly dry or brittle
  • Your beard has a good amount of flyway's or strays
  • Your beard requires a little extra shaping to keep it in good form

You need to put a small amount of the balm onto your palm, rub your hands altogether and massage it into your beard and skin.

5. Brush your beard

We suggest regular beard brushing as this will increase natural oil production as well as diffuse beard oil and beard balm around your beard. Always brush your beard at the end of the beard care routine.

6. Microneedle your beard

Derma rollers help in puncturing the scar tissue from within, this technique leads to superficial bleeding which alerts the body to heal the wound. 

This process of Derma rollers leads to the following process in the body which helps in healing the scar and making the skin much more smooth. 

  • The skin releases substances that help in stimulating growth
  • Helps in forming new blood vessels in the skin
  • The skin starts to produce more collagen
  • For the next 5 days, the body produces collagen that is collected in the affected area and this helps in healing the skin and making it firm.

7. Know your skin type

Every man is unalike. Using a good moisturizer for your skin type will upgrade your results. How can you identify your skin type? At the end of the day, notice your T-zone. You could imagine your T-zone by visualizing a straight line coming through horizontally around your forehead and another vertical line coming straight down the centre of your face connecting your chin. This is the T-zone of your face.

If your skin looks shiny, then you may have textured oily skin.

I. Dry skin -

Specified by less natural oil production. Use a hydro cleaner after applying a rich moisturizer. You can even apply a layer of beard oil on top.

II. Sensitive Skin -

Classified by skin that gets red easily and burning or sensation when most products are applied. Avoid ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, dyes, and harsh preservatives like parabens which are irritating to your skin. Find soothing ingredients like chamomile, aloe, and green tea.

III. Normal/Combination -

Specified by normal oil-producing. Find a medium consistency moisturizer that gives hydration but won’t add imprudent oil to already glossy areas.

IV. Oily -

Specified by skin that seems to be oily at day’s end. Don’t use rich moisturizers. Select a non-oily formula that soaks up quickly.

Work smarter, not harder. Apply skin and beard care products before bed.

The resuming power of sleep is astonishing. You wake up freshened both in body and mind. Take edge of your body’s organic rejuvenating process and massaging a moisturizer before going to bed for fresh-looking skin in the morning. You’ll wake with clean, soft and more hydrated skin and facial hair...especially if your moisturizer consists of the age-fighting factors listed above.  

Take Away

Take proper care of your beard and moisturize your face and beard daily. 

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