Why Men Struggle With Intimacy: Causes, Symptoms and Solution

Fear Of intimacy

Intimacy Struggle In Men

Being intimate with someone means that letting them enter a very sacred part of your life, a part that you hide from everyone else. Intimacy can be emotional or physical and many men fear being intimate this can ruin potential relationships and can become a reason for stress. 

Fear of Intimacy can be seen as the fear of being too close or attached to someone and we all face this some or the other time. Intimacy is irrespective of gender and can hamper both females and males equally. Men however, are known to avoid intimacy at a great level, women have a nurturing nature but men have always been portrayed as strong and resilient which can be a reason for their issues with Intimacy. 

Intimate relationships can be divided into four categories: 

  • Experiential, this type can happen when you share common activities and experiences with someone else.
  • Intellectual, this type can happen with intellectual conversations and meaningful discussions.
  • Emotional, this type can happen due to interchange of ideas and emotions.
  • Sexual, this type can happen when you are physical with your partner.

If you have fear of Intimacy then this is the perfect article for you, we will be talking about various methods that can help you in dealing with the fear of intimacy. 


Symptoms That Your Fear Intimacy

Fear of Intimacy is common and many people deal with this on a daily basis, let us look at the common symptoms for the same. 

  • You may suffer from low self esteem 
  • You may have trust issues
  • You may experience anger from time to time
  • You may avoid physical contact with anyone
  • You may have trouble committing to relationships 
  • You may have a history of broken relationships 
  • You are not unable to share your thoughts and feelings
  • You may live in a social isolation


Causes For Fear Of Intimacy

Now let us look at some of the common causes as to why people fear Intimacy.

1. Fear Of Rejection 

Fear of intimacy is jumbled up with a lot of different fears that a person may inhabit, one of them being fear of rejection. This can build overtime in a person who has been rejected or has seen people being rejected and can be a major cause of fear for the person. Such people take a lot of time to open up in a friendship or a relationship.

2. Fear Of Abandonment 

Many people can not have an intimate relationship because they are in a constant fear that their partner will abandon them. This could also be related to a childhood trauma that the person might have faced. 

3. Depression or Anxiety

Another major reason as to why people can not be intimate in their relationship is due to depression or anxiety these two mental health issues are severe and must be treated. Depression and anxiety always make you look at the negative side of life and thus you can not be in a healthy relationship without the fear of intimacy.

4. Lack Of Communication 

Lack of communication can also be a major cause for less intimacy in the relationship. Communication is the key to restore any relationship and you must always remember that, so try communicating with your partner and you will already be half at peace. 

5. Avoidant Personality Disorder 

This is also known as the intimacy anxiety disorder and affects men and women equally. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Low self-esteem 
  • Awkwardness 
  • Fear of judgement or humiliation
  • Habit of avoiding social situations
  • Sensitivity to criticism 

If you have been seeing symptoms and patterns in your relationship for a long time then this could be due to the fear of intimacy it is important to take all the signs into account and seek professional help. Asking for help will not make you any smaller so please get yourself diagnosed and seek the correct help to overcome your fear of intimacy. 

Fear of intimacy can ruin not only your friendships and relationships but it can also have a huge impact on your social life. Fear can make you do things that you do not want to, it can lower your confidence and make you lethargic, do not give in to your fears, rise above them and face them. 

Fear of intimacy can also hamper your well being. It can also lead you to a path of substance abuse which can destroy your life in ways you can not imagine. 


How To Overcome Fear Of Intimacy?

Overcoming the fear of intimacy is a very essential step you must take upon in your life, seeing the first few symptoms of fear of intimacy should be your wake up call. Here are a few steps that you can take to overcome the fear of intimacy in your life. 

1. Coming to terms with your fear

The first step to overcome any fear to address it and understand the source of the fear. You need to come to terms with the fear of intimacy to know why you have been feeling this way. 

2. Love yourself 

Many people do not know the art of self love and they hop on from one relationship to another finding love outside when it is right within you. Self love is the beginning of a beautiful journey for you, so value yourself and pamper yourself first. Fear of Intimacy can also be subjected to the way you look at yourself so be kind and loving to yourself always. 

3. Talk to a friend 

If you have someone in your life who you can share everything with then you must talk to them about your fears and seek help. A friend can always guide you and make you understand about your own patterns which will help you in getting to know yourself better. 

4. Seek professional help 

This goes without saying that professional help is always required to understand yourself better and know who you really are. Therapy is the best way to talk about your fears in a safe space, a place that will be protected and not exploited. If you see symptoms of fear of intimacy in you then please ask for help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. 

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