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Treatment for hair fall

Men have varying degrees of hair loss, which often results from hormonal changes throughout adolescence. A frequent sign of this is hair loss, in which the hair on top of the head normally falls out while the hair on the sides and back grows. Hair loss increases when the hair follicles heal and naturally alleviate themselves by producing more sebum.

People who are severely impacted by hair issues are always willing to purchase pricey hair products and attempt any form of a new solution for hair loss. Mental health may be affected by hair issues as well. A person who has gone completely bald may experience despair.

There is currently no cure for permanent hair loss. Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to stop or even reverse miniaturisation with current medical treatments. Most treatments for thinning hair aim to slow the process rather than stop it entirely. 

minoxidil solution

In many cases, bald spots may be covered up by new hair. Treatments may be combined to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Why haven't we developed a long-lasting treatment for hair loss? The most cutting-edge techniques to cure the majority of ailments are available to us since we are in the 21st century. To find any form of issue in the human body, we have a variety of devices.

But despite this, we have been assured for a very long time that a permanent solution to baldness cure is coming. You could have a little hair growth boost with certain treatments, but you won't be able to go from being completely bald to having a full head of hair.

Treatments for Hair loss

Some of these therapies show great promise. As follows:

Hair is removed from the back or side of your head and moved to the bald region of the head during surgical hair restoration (hair transplant).

Male pattern baldness is treated with mino-xidil, which is available in various concentrations of solution. Apply the drops to the damaged region of your scalp using your hands.

Biotin gummies

Homoeopathic treatment: Homeopathic remedies are renowned for their potent benefits that last a long time and have minimal adverse effects.

But none of these remedies is a long-term solution for hair loss.

But why is hair loss such a challenging issue? A protein filament filled with dead cells makes up all of the hair. The majority of our bodies are covered with follicles, which are highly intricate. Just like our other bodily organs, such as the heart, lungs, or kidney, if you damage them once, you cannot grow them again, and the same is true of new follicles.

Although it is highly difficult and almost impossible to regrow hair from damaged hair follicles, there are certain methods you may try if you are still experiencing hair loss and are not yet completely bald.

Ways to stop Hair Loss

There are few ways to stop hair loss


You may be able to control hair loss by changing your diet. Vitamin supplements may be a wonderful addition to your everyday diet. You might include biotin supplements, which are the most effective in halting hair loss.


Daily exercise is a terrific technique to help your body cleanse. Detoxification aids in numerous ways and combats a variety of physical issues.

Head massage

Head massages are a fantastic technique to get the blood flowing to your blood vessels, which may help you grow hair and stop hair loss. A head massage may help exfoliate your scalp. For further care, you might apply some oils.


Switch to herbal shampoo from anti-DHT shampoos for hair fall and regrowth. The major cause of hair loss is DHT, which is countered by certain shampoos.

You should be cautious about the products you put on your hair. If you are having problems with chemical products, turn to some natural solutions since our hair deserves the finest.


Tension has a significant impact on hair loss. So, make an effort to avoid carrying around extra tension or strain since this might contribute to hair loss. 

Homoeopathic Medicine

Although certain homoeopathic medications may be used to cure hair loss, their processes are lengthy. Few individuals attempt it as a result of this.

You may also use a little onion juice to stop hair loss. Sulfur, which is included in onion juice, promotes hair growth and thickness.

Testo Levels

As you may already be aware, DTH is produced when testo is transformed into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductive. Fruit from an American dwarf pine tree is called saw palmetto. This fruit keeps men's testo levels stable.

These were some of the strategies to stop hair loss, but there is still no treatment for total baldness. Although there has been considerable advancement in the subject, there is currently no long-term treatment.

Take Away

Male pattern baldness is largely influenced by your genetics as well. The harm done to your hair follicle during hormonal shifts is brought on by your genes. However, scientists are still trying to determine the true cause of why genes are to blame.

Although the process of growing hair back is difficult, there is always hope. On the GHC website, you can check out all of the amazing products we have to help you take care of your hair at Mars.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which lack of vitamin causes hair fall? 

Riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies cause hair loss.

2. What is the main cause of hair loss?

The most frequent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people age.


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