Why Is It Better To Use Ammonia-Free Hair Dye?

Ammonia-free Hair Dye

Ammonia-free Hair Dye

Technology has revolutionized the hair colouring industry to such an extent that it has also changed the way people get their hair coloured. They prefer ammonia-free hair colour products as they are gentler on the hair.

It has been observed that traditional hair dyes have ammonia in them, which is a caustic chemical. This ingredient helps in creating a reaction, which is beneficial for permanent hair colour. However, due to the harmful effects of ammonia, newer versions of hair colour products have come to the market without it.

The colour of your hair can be maintained by using ammonia-free hair colours as well. Being ammonia-free, these products allow you to retain the natural sheen and softness of your hair. This makes the hair look healthy and silky, similar to how it was before getting it coloured.

Ammonia-free hair dyes are also convenient because they do not cause any sort of allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

In today's scenario, hair colour products are available in an array of choices and colours. Be it temporary or semi-permanent hair dyes, or permanent hair dyes, they are available in different brands and flavours, and our choice of colour is also governed by the features we need in a product, as well as product preference.

When it comes to cosmetics, the type of product being used makes a difference. There are various types of chemicals present in them, and they differ from one another.

Although the usual ingredients include preservatives, additives, fragrances, most hair colour products contain ammonia. Ammonia is a chemical compound that is used as a base in many household products. However, with the availability of ammonia-free hair dyes/colours on the market today, we can be aware of the benefits of using such products as opposed to ammonia-based ones.

Ammonia-free hair colour kits are available in the market nowadays. These ammonia-free hair colour kits have almost become a necessity now. There is a tendency for the professionals to offer these kits, as they are considered to be very effective, as a preservative is not added.

Ammonia-free hair colour kit contains protein polymers that help to keep the hair from breaking.  Ammonia-free hair colour kits have the additional advantage of non-stickiness, non-fading and of course free from ammonia. It is considered to be a safer option as it has no ammonia.  Ammonia-free hair colour kits can be used on various conditioners for colouring the hair.

The conditioner contains protein polymers that give shine and lustre to the hair, which helps to form a good hairstyle; however, it helps to maintain the style for a shorter time period.

Ammonia-free hair dye products do not spoil the hair texture and protect the hair from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Why you Should not Use Ammonia-Based Hair Dye

One of the most common ingredients used in hair dyes is ammonia solution. Ammonia is a strong alkaline and hence pulls out the natural pigments in your hair. The more it is applied to your hair, the more it can damage them.

Ammonia damages hair by attaching itself to the hair protein structure, creating protein bonds. When this happens the hair becomes dry, fragile and unhealthy. Protein bonds happen when the two surfaces one is made from are different (i.e. oil and water) and they bond to each other because they want to reduce their surface energy. When ammonia comes in contact with hair, it binds with the hair and causes protein bonds between the ammonia molecules and the hair cells, altering the natural structure of the hair.

Ammonia-free hair colour will not damage your hair as it uses monoethanolamine (MEA) that contains alcohol which acts as an alternate pH balancer in hair dyes. MEA is used in less concentrated form and in combination with emollient oils that prevent hair damage.

Ammonia products irritate the scalp and develop a burning sensation as well. Ammonia also disturbs the pH balance of the hair which leads to loss of protein and moisture in the hair. Ammonia products also come with a pungent smell that does not go away easily. It can irritate your eyes and make it difficult for you to breathe comfortably.

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally at Home?

Hair dyes, nowadays, are not only being used to colour hair but they are also being used to enhance the overall look of a person. While people may be aware of the various ways to colour hair naturally, they often overlook the adverse effects of using chemical-based products on their hair and skin.

The first step towards a healthy hair colouring experience is to stop using chemical-based hair dyes and instead use natural alternatives. You can mix some natural ingredients with your regular shampoo, which will help you to get rid of hair fall, improve the texture and colour of your hair and also make it look healthier. 

Colouring your hair is a long-lasting process and one that is meant to last for a few weeks or more. You need not go to a parlour to colour your hair if you have the time and patience. Hair colouring is an art, and also a science. For starters, we must understand that colouring your hair naturally is a way to enhance the natural glow of your hair and make it healthier. In fact, it is much better than dying your hair chemically. Natural colouring not only colours your hair but also makes it stronger and healthier.

Here are certain natural ingredients that you can use to colour your hair and give it a natural glow:

Honey: Honey is a natural source of antioxidants and minerals, which strengthen hair follicles and give strength to your hair. It also helps in preventing further loss of hair or premature greying. For better results, add some lemon juice along with honey.

Henna: Henna builds a protective layer for each hair strand guarding it against any kind of damage. To get thick, lustrous locks and to colour your hair naturally, apply Henna once a week. Henna also prevents split ends and clogging of pores due to its antifungal properties. It helps in boosting scalp health as well. Maintains a pH balance to stop hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.

Take Away

Ammonia is a colourant used in many hair dyes to achieve black and dark colours. It is also called Hydrogen Peroxide Ammonia (HPA). Ammonia damages hair and scalp by ripping the natural lipids, vitamins, proteins and colour pigments out of the hair shaft. When ammonia comes in contact with the scalp, it burns and dehydrates it.

Ammonia is a chemical compound that is used in almost all household cleaning products, and unfortunately, it is also used in hair dye products as well. Ammonia is one of the most powerful alkaline substances. Exposure to the eyes can cause injuries to the eye or even blindness. 

Therefore, it is wise to opt for ammonia-free hair dye products. These products can prevent your hair from damaging and retain the original texture, shine, and bulkiness of your hair.

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