Why Couples Who Travel Have Better Sex?

couple who travel have better sex

Wanderlust Couples

To the question of why couples who travel perform great at sex, figure out the honeymoon paradox next. That's all man, after all, literally, travel and perform on different beds for life long, what more great a dream can play in real life. 

That mind engagement enough we do for that perfect sex, just smoking a cigarette after sex behalf different view scenes, just a great delight to heart and mind at creativity level which can induce the inside sleeping dopamine hormone over steadfast to stood slow neuron work machine to mantle man-made heart which is a natural engine on the ground. Goddamn, different gravity at different locations, just like the weather and wife.

It is a mental relief gotten from seeing a lot of sights, if the sight is beautiful, the enthusiasm would become more creative which would show up during the action of force for sexual intercourse. People who travel more would feel tired compared to normal people who do not travel much. 

The tired people would love a bed with special care and interest which does not be found in the people who do not move the house generally. The same tired person is blessed with a sexual partner sleeping next to ones own body, what more the person could find in his life. There could be absolute tension generated that can shake up the whole bed, too.

Also, the travelling people may not get a chance to see their partner for too many days. The criteria would increase the interest in person towards her lover. When both the partners meet after so many days, definitely the night would be spent together even with more passion and compassion.

When people travel, they get to see a lot of people, too. When a person sees an outside person who is completely stranger hot and sexy, the person might get a sexual feeling that he cannot satisfy at the moment. Naturally, a feeling born cannot simply go away by itself but stored up in the deeper levels of the mind. The same feeling could motivate the person to do sex with more intensity when the person has finally reached out to the partner of one own life.

Some men do not understand the craving of their life partner who forces them to take for a ride or a drive outside. This needs a colourful vision of the mind. A colourful mind could generate a lot of happy and energetic hormones that can increase creativity.

For suppose, if a woman is put to the home alone for life long but sexually used every day or night, her mind becomes complete blank or black that cannot resonate highness or pleasure with the sexual course alone. Her mind would become dull and deliberate to see light.

It is the general desire of humans to roam around. If the desire is satisfied by either of the couples, there would be complete surrendering to one another. When one does surrender to another with no ego or anger or disappointment, their sexual relationship would become awesome.

There is psychological behaviour of men and women who want to show up how beautiful they are. They are not just satisfied with showing up but also want to prove the point. So, they go to restaurants and movies to deliberately observe combinedly if someone is watching either one of them or both of them. That night, they dominate one another about their garnering beauty but they all intend to have a greater sexual feeling at the judgement of people are watching them.

Material life science study is a closely watched program in a sexual relationship that too more on the marital affair. How closely they travelled in the journey is the question of motion. After all, life is a journey. If the couple travel, they are put on a motion in real life, too. That's where the body mechanism gets on with the ease of life being individuals together. If the travel is good most of the time, there is a bond tension beginning in the body to settle together first. 

That there, the feeling of life journey in real body motion by being on a vehicle or moving place to place, would be accelerated on a wilderness supporting peace clutch to the fuel loaded in the body by the heart engagement to the fast-moving engine optimization to the heart of another body.

You know why, honeymoon, then, after all. It's a mechanical touch to the bodies being going to sleep together in bed for a long time. How would they take the anxiety or mostly the excitement if at all they are all good about getting married together? The motion initiated in a travelling journey is enjoyed together in bed later on.

And you know what the delivery and all after that successful sex attempt, you need to travel a lot, not just for outer world motion but inner motion, too. Women physically feel it. Man mentally feels it if he has put his heart from making it to making it.

Take Away

If you go to a beach together, if it is Goa like, a foreign life, you go get a bikini show, too if the open mind has put out between two individuals to highest chills and freedom of life, what after all a couple wants in a relationship together. Then what about sex so? Life. Free life. Free activity. Free fucks, yeah man, free fucks, no stopping there.

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