What types of breast surgeries are there?

Breast surgeries


Breasts are the two-sided hilly soft flesh observed at the chest part of the female being with a nipple at the top of their uphill, generally put forward to milk feeding after pregnancy to the born child.

According to the definition from the English dictionary, breasts are either of the two organs on the front of a female human's chest, which contain the mammary glands; also the analogous organs in males.

Breasts are known to be one of the beauty assets to women that most men thrive to grab either sexually or romantically.

After all, men as a child grow at the breast of their mother. As men grow up in age to teenage or young age, they again fall in need of breasts.

A girl child does not have breast by birth itself but they possess the origins of breast production right from childhood which is what diversifies a girl child from a male child.

Once the girl child hits puberty, she is observed with growing breast size. Not all girls observe the same rate of breast growth or breast size.

Few girls definitely need a man's touch in order to grow their breast size.

As the breasts are the tangling body part, they face certain problems that a manual chest does not take.

However, Breast faces two major problems. One is breast cancer and the other one is breast size and shape.

There are different types of breast surgeries in relation to various breast problems.

Types of breast surgeries

Before indulging in any kind of breast surgery, one must look after their own breast condition through various available tests that determine exactly what the problem is inside the breast part.

Tests that can help diagnose breast cancer include mammograms and ultrasound. They can even identify with the help of MRI scans.

If both the mammogram and ultrasound cannot clarify the stage and presence of breast cancer, the doctor would again go forward with a breast biopsy.

Surgeries for breast cancer

Breast cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells. Typically, the cancer forms in either the lobules or the ducts of the breast.

Lobules are the glands that produce milk, and ducts are the pathways that bring the milk from the glands to the nipple. Cancer can also occur in the fatty tissue or the fibrous connective tissue within your breast.

Surgery is the most common treatment for breast cancer besides other treatments such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, or hormone therapy.

There are several types of breast surgeries that may be used to remove breast cancer. They include


This procedure removes the tumor and some surrounding tissue, leaving the rest of the breast intact.

Lumpectomy is a type of breast-conserving surgery, which entails removing a tumor (lump) in a breast and a small amount of normal tissue around it.


In this surgery type, a surgeon removes an entire breast. In a double mastectomy, both breasts are removed.

Sentinel node biopsy

This surgery removes a few of the lymph nodes that receive drainage from the tumor. These lymph nodes will be tested. If they don’t have cancer, you may not need additional surgery to remove more lymph nodes.

Axillary lymph node dissection

When lymph nodes removed during a sentinel node biopsy contain cancer cells, the doctor may as well remove additional lymph nodes.

Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy

If breast cancer may be present in only one breast, some people elect to have a contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. This surgery removes your healthy breast to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer again.

Breast implant

There are two breast implant shapes available – Round and Teardrop (Anatomical) with varying profiles and sizes.⁠

Your Surgeon will help you choose the best implant for your anatomy and your desired outcome, which can depend on the following:⁠

Your individual anatomy and chest shape⁠.

The amount of existing breast tissue you have⁠.

Skin condition/elasticity⁠.

The horizontal distance between your breasts⁠.

 The level of sagging prior to surgery⁠.

The position/shape of your natural breast tissue (for example Tuberous breasts)⁠.

Position of your nipple + distance to your inframammary fold⁠.

Your desired surgery outcome or “look” you are hoping to achieve⁠.

Nipple reduction surgery

Nipple reduction surgery reduces the projection(sticking out) of the nipple. This surgery can also help the reduction of the circumference of the nipple.

Nipple reductions are usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast lift, but they can be performed alone.

What is breast augmentation? 

Breast augmentation is the surgical intervention to increase the volume of the breast and change its shape is what doctors call breast augmentation. As a rule, doctors nowadays use silicone breast implants for this purpose. He inserts it either between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle or behind the pectoral muscle.

Treatment for enlarged breasts in men

Gynecomastia which is otherwise called man boobs is the reason behind enlarged breasts in men.

Gynecomastia is a condition that makes breast tissue swell in boys and men which could be a possible outcome of hormonal imbalance.

The swelling of breast tissue is such an irritating presence that the sufferer would tend to touch and grab it resulting in excessive swelling than normal. One is suggested to stay in control in order to reduce or not to reproduce enlarged breasts.

Gynecomastia Surgery can be used to remove excess breast fat and glandular tissue.

Take Away 

As roses do not grow without thorns, beautiful breasts are also prone to various diseases and disorders. One must be aware of it and look after it in order to take time to time governance.

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