What not to wear to the gym?

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Benefits of Regular Gyming   

If you are a gym freak then you must be aware of the gazillion benefits of regular gyming. So here's a list of perks that frequent visits to gyms offer:

1) Increases Bone Mass- Stronger and more flexible bones are a sure shot sign of regular gym exercising. Exercises like lifting weights, pullups and pushups are classic examples of working out the bones. Moreover, calcium supplements and food sources like milk and cheese play a vital role in boosting bone mass.

2) Muscles to burn fat- According to experts, building muscles can help burn fat faster. This is because the fat lying beneath your muscles can get burnt after the activity of these muscles increases. Hence, the more muscle you build, the lesser your body fat.

3) Weight Loss- Burning fat is a tough job even if you start gyming but you can ease your weight loss journey by adding a fat burning supplement to your regime.

A lot of individuals are becoming more fitness-oriented. This is not just because it combats obesity, but there’s much more to it. With the growing stress in everyone’s life, most people have turned to the gym as a way to escape the problems and gives a sense of security.

The primary benefit of regular gyming is definitely physical wellbeing. When you hit the gym 5-6 times a week you’re exercising different parts of your body. You can exercise 30 minutes, each time, without feeling fatigued and you will also strengthen your muscles and bones. 

Your heart needs to remain healthy. Cardio activity is key in maintaining good heart health because it helps reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It keeps away plaque from entering and clogging your arteries. It also helps with better blood circulation in your body.

Aerobic activity keeps you healthy and keeps your heart beating stronger for longer periods of time.

What not to Wear to the Gym

Whether you're starting a fitness routine or you're simply looking for the best (and least offensive) workout attire, here's what you need to know to be a gymaholic.

The gym-time has arrived and you have put your plan into motion to get your body ready for the summer. But what most people do is to their own detriment. 

In concern to women, ladies gym wear like a sports bra is designed to provide additional support for activities such as running, aerobics, weightlifting, etc. Some people use the term "sport" to refer to any activity that is pursued vigorously. Sports bras are made from a variety of materials, all of which provide different benefits. Many girls gym wear like sports bras are elasticized for a snug fit that prevents chafing and irritation. They often feature moisture-wicking fabric to help keep skin cool and dry. Sports bras can be worn for many different physical activities, such as yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, and other fitness pursuits. Many women also find that wearing a sports bra helps them avoid distractions and discomfort while they work out.

The right gym outfit is the one that will make you feel comfortable whether you are doing cardio or strength training exercises. The most important aspect of your outfit should be that it is breathable and light, and should not give discomfort during your workout. You need to wear something that does not restrict your range of movement or breathing and keeps you cool. 

When you are working out, your body temperature will increase and if your clothes don’t keep you cool, you can get heat exhaustion or heat stroke. This is especially common for people who are just starting to exercise as their bodies are not yet used to the exertion. 

The right gym outfit will avoid unnecessary distractions. When you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and avoid wearing jewellery, there will be no distractions from things that may be attached to your clothing. 

While choosing your outfit for a gym session, ensure that it is not too loose, nor too tight on your body. Wearing loose clothing will allow air to pass through freely while working out, so that sweat does not stay on your body for a long time due to trapped body moisture.

Cotton clothes: Avoid wearing 100% cotton clothes because they tend to absorb sweat, making you feel wet and heavy while working out. Therefore, synthetic materials like lycra and polyester which are more workout-friendly are best gym wear for men.

Boots and Sandals: Always wear shoes that can provide support for your workout needs and make sure they fit you properly. Boots and sandals are a big NO while gyming because boots are designed to keep your feet warm, which is not advisable while gyming. Sandals have safety issues and are also not designed for sports activities.

Denim: Denim isn’t a suitable material to wear whilst you’re sweating in the gym because it is not designed to keep you cool during physical exercise. Boys' gym wear like decathlon gym wear is suitable for workouts.

Jewellery: Jewellery is an unnecessary accessory to wear while gyming. Many safety issues come along with wearing jewellery like encountering scratches on your fingers due to rings while weight lifting, you may also risk damaging your jewellery by banging them against metal or snagging it on a machine, etc.

Fragrance: Fragrance is not workout-friendly gym wear. So, do not waste your perfumes and deos unnecessary things while going to the gym because you will have to hit the shower post-workout anyway.

Take Away

If you want to stay healthy and fit, then gyming is the answer as the gym is a place where you can go to achieve your fitness goals. Regular gyming helps you look younger with glowing skin and reduces your stress level.

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