What is the lotus sex position?

Lotus sex position

Lotus sex position

Sex is the ultimate course of life for it could be practiced in many ways. The pain and pleasure obtained through sexual activity can be updated day by day and one can reach extreme heights in the course of sexual life.

Sex positions are an important subject in experiencing various impulses and muscle strains during sexual intercourse.

Lotus sex pose is one of such sexual positions that would satisfy sexual partners to an extreme of well-being and exuberance.

Lotus sex position is the most intimate sex position available in or out of overall Kamasutra sex positions.

Lotus sex position seems to be the most happening sexual position in the metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities and lifestyle for it provides a relaxing composure to sex life and coupling relationships.

Lotus sex position is the most performed sexual position in the job doing people. The employees are made to sit in front of a computer day-long, and to the end of the day, they need some extraordinary feeling to expel out of the day work anxiety, frustration, and tiredness.

As the work involves sitting most of the time, the workers prefer the same sitting position during a relaxing act. Thus, the lotus sex position has become the best relaxing sexual intercourse.

Lotus sex position is known to be godly behavior between two relating people through the comfort provided to each other.

Lotus's sex position is the best sex position for him to enjoy her breasts, or buttocks, while craving for her legs at the same time. This great composition of handling all the feasting parts at a time is a gift to sexual satisfaction. The flow of touch right from top to bottom goes with immense pleasure and nonstop movement. The woman feels an extraordinary massage overall her body parts with no pause or a point.

Lotus sex position is a great exercise for men's groin area. The right side of the penile genital or scrotum at the genital area is subjected to constant stress and strain due to normal activities and workouts in life. The imposition of a woman's body weight at the groin area would not just comfort the space with smooth skin texture but also the bone in the butt would pressurize the strained spot in a womanly manner.

The strain in the groin area is due to the muscle nerve connected to the elongating penile glands and scrotum that the anchoring movement rupture the steady nature of the muscle creating lumps or swells inside or outside the skin.

Lotus sex position is an extraordinary feat or feature to make out both genital intercourse and oral intercourse at a time. The excessive excitement exposed at the genital intercourse could be easily transferred to kissing each other's lips and controlling anxiety at the heart and spine.

Lotus sex position does not contain a free end to the individual body movement. It cannot give freedom to the genitals to go to extreme ends during the thrusting action. The bodies become so close to each other that flexibility is not possible without one another.

The orgasm during the lotus sex pose takes a lot of time which most men and women dream of.

The long duration of an orgasm allows sexual partners to carve out for each other which results in extreme oral activity. 

The kisses during the lotus sex position are addictive that thrives partners attempt it again and again. The lotus sex position allows the man and woman to look deep into each other eyes during sexual intercourse.

How to perform Lotus sex pose?

Lotus sex pose is possible either man or woman as the base. Man being the base has some difference to when a woman being the base.

The man has to sit on the ground or a table or bed which has a flat surface and laps open wide as one accustomed during meditation. Then the woman is allowed to sit on the central position of the man's lap giving access to one genital connecting to another. 

Even though the man is face to face with the woman, the penile genitals need not settle to the vagina alone. With the bodies possess good fitness and flexibility, they can have anal intercourse, too. The stretching is solid during anal intercourse.

The woman has to sit on the lap of the man with legs being carved around the man such that the grip between the two bodies is so solid.

The lotus sex position does not involve body movement but genital movement. The heart energy is put into genitals which would help the body to stay in good health and condition.

The name Lotus sex position is come out from the way the man sits. During the sitting position, the genitals come out as extreme as possible.

The woman when is sitting down is almost all same-intercourse but the anal intercourse is not possible.

To conclude, lotus sex poses need bodies to be fit and flexible. Otherwise, the pleasure becomes a pain. There is also a chance for genitals stuck with each other for a long time that may result in various troubles and conflicts. 

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