What Is The Indian Penis Size?

Average penis size

Indian Penis Size

Many men feel insecure about their penile size. It can lead to tension and low self-esteem. The Indian penile is small compared to other penile in the world.

The Indian penile is abnormally small. This can be emotionally painful. This is probably because many men think that the normal size for an Indian male is somewhere around six to eight inches and that anything less than that simply doesn’t count as a man. But what we need to find our facts and figures. This article will help you in finding the facts about Indian penile and Indian penile size.

What is the normal size of the penile?

The average size of a regular penile in the world ranges from 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches. Studies show the majority of men wish for larger penile and try to opt for penile enlargement surgery. But these medical procedures include risk factors and that’s the rest most take back step there. Most people also take counseling to make them realize the actual facts on what gives satisfaction and that size only matters to a small extent. 

Factors that affect the penile size

1. Lifestyle:

Our body needs regular activity and movement. So exercising plays a crucial role here. Workouts increase blood flow to all the organs and help with larger penile size. Tension also reduces the size of the penile. This is because the negative feelings and thoughts cut blood flow to the penile.

2. Smoking: 

Smoking blocks arteries with small tobacco particles and decreases the blood flow to most organs. This results in less blood flow to the penile and doesn’t support its positive growth. 

3. Food habits:

 Our regular dietary plan should include fruits and fresh vegetables instead of those spicy fast foods and fats. Fruits and vegetables help in fighting free radicals and are high in antioxidants that help pepper blood flow, keep the skin young, and ease muscle movement.

4. Genetics: 

Usually, penile size is also affected by genetics. The hormones that are inhibited and the chromosomes that are transferred play a role in penile size. 

3 Drawbacks of having a small penile size

There are many drawbacks included in having a small penile.

1. Mental tension: 

Having a small penile brings up constant comparison and raises tension that the present size is not enough to satisfy their partner. This can lead to mental tension and discomfort.

2. Performance

Women prefer all round stimulation near the genital region, and having a small penile can be embarrassing, as it doesn’t fit well and keep slipping out.

3. Satisfaction:  

Having a small penile can’t satisfy all the love-making ideas of women. And during the love-making activity too, the pressure doesn’t feel more on the erotic zones and it also can’t reach the cervix to give a satisfaction hit.

Average Indian Penile Size

According to a study conducted in 2007, on Indian men, it was found that flaccid length, stretched length, and erected length of the Indian penile is 8.21cm (or 3.23 inches), 10.88 cm (4.28 inches), 13.01cm(5.12 inches)f.

The average erect circumference was found to be 11.46cm (4.51 inches).

According to the study, the average flaccid length of the penile is 9.16cm (3.6 inches), stretched length is 13.24cm (5.21 inches) and the erect length is 13.12cm(5.16 inches). The average erect circumference is 11.66cm( 4.59 inches).

How do you know penis size is too small?

Flaccid lengths may vary and do not relate to erect length. The different penile might have the same erect length even though their flaccid length is different.

A penile of a flaccid length of 4 cm or 1.6cm, and an erect length of less than 7.5 cm (3 inches) only should be considered for surgical options of penile enlargement.

Micro-penile is a hormonal or genetic condition of a small penile. But even a micro penile has all the functions that a normal penile can do. 

Most men think their penile is very small and worry about it. But in truth, their penile size is normal and near the average penile size. These misunderstandings are mostly due to unrealistic standards set by pornography.

These misunderstandings have caused much tension related to performance on the bed. This tension has led many men towards love-making problems like ED and premature ejaculation. 

It is very important to know that any penile size above 3 inches is normal and does not require any external aid to increase penile size. Any size is just normal and fine.

Does penis size matter?

According to a study conducted in 2002 on 375 regular lovemaking women, it was found that 20% found penile length important, 1% very important compared to 55% of women who found penile length unimportant and 22% of women found length totally unimportant.

Another study conducted on regularly love-making female undergraduates shows that 45 out of women found the width to be important.

The study found that females for short-term love-making partners preferred a length of 16.3 cm(6.4 inches) whereas they preferred a circumference of 122.7cm (5 inches).

For long-term love-making partners, women preferred a penile length of 16cm (6.3cm).

How can one increase penis size naturally?

There are a few natural methods like doing exercises such as jelqing, kegel, stretching, etc help in increasing penile size. Devices like penile traction devices and vacuum pumps are also non-surgical options for penile enlargement.

However, none of these methods are proven to guarantee penile length increase. But they help in increasing the blood flow to the penile and improve its function. They also help in improving conditions like ED and premature ejaculation.

Penile injections, pills, and lotions have no proven benefits to increasing penile size and might be more harmful than good. They can cause irreversible damage to penile tissues than doing any good.

Surgical procedures like penile girth surgery and penile length surgery can increase penile size but there are a few considerations you might need to take seriously. Penile length surgery can decrease erection angle and increase discomfort for both the partners involved. Penile girth surgery takes fat from body parts and injects it into the penile, which after 6 months of time gets absorbed by the body losing the girth improvement. It might also form lumps on the penile.

Take Away 

There are many misconceptions about the average penile size due to many reasons. What you need to focus on is the overall performance. Even if the size is below the average, there are ways to compensate for it. Performance depends on how tension-free and creative you are in bed. Before worrying about the size, remember to not compare yourself to another. 


Are 6 inches enough in India?

Most percentages in India have penile sizes around 4.2 inches to 5.6 inches. And having 6 inches anywhere is good until your partner is desiring the same.

How to measure penile?

Measure from the base of your penile to the tip of the glans, when it’s erect.

To measure girth, measure at the base of your penile or in the middle of the shaft.

Does size matter to a woman in India

Not all women want the size, it's always about the romance, intimacy, love, and foreplay they want that makes them feel satisfied.


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