What is the difference between facial and bleach?

Facial and bleach

What are the Benefits of Facial?

Facials or facial therapies are a skincare treatment that involves the application of lotions, exfoliants and creams to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Facials can also improve the appearance of your skin.

The word 'facial' is actually derived from the Latin word "facies", which means "face". If you take a close look at your face, you will notice that it has a unique appearance. It has features that make it unique from everyone else's face.

A facial is a beauty treatment used to cleanse and promote healthy skin. The basics of a facial are, the skin is cleansed using exfoliating agents and a mask is applied. Most facials will also include extractions which is the removal of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities. Facials also promote lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffy eyes and improve sleep.

The benefits of a facial are:

  • It reduces stress, as it makes you feel relaxed
  • It improves skin complexion by exfoliating and deep cleaning pores
  • It freshens up tired, lustre-less skin by promoting cell turnover
  • It promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • It improves sleep patterns
  • It helps reduce acne
  • It enhances your look by promoting a youthful glow of the skin

A facial is not just for women, it’s for men too. Some popular types of facials are microdermabrasion, oxygen, acupuncture, LED, deep cleansing, diamond file and acne facial. 

The facial is a beauty treatment that does not involve any surgery and also ensures that only organic methods are used.

What are the Benefits of Bleach?

Face bleach is a process in which people clean their skin with bleach to get rid of acne, pimples, and other marks on their skin. 

Benefits of face bleach include: 

  • Getting rid of acne and pimples 
  • Removes black spots 
  • Lightens skin 
  • Gets rid of scars and marks 
  • Reduces pigmentation

This process is not recommended for people with sensitive skin because it has an adverse effect on it and can make the skin look worse. This is because face bleach contains high concentrations of peroxide.

It is well-known that the health and beauty industry is amongst the most competitive industries in the world, owing to the thousands of products that are launched each and every year. However, there are very few products that have as much influence as face bleach, because it has proven to be the best product ever launched in this industry by a long stretch. 

Face bleach is a liquid that is used for cleaning the skin and making it flawless. A face bleach with natural ingredients contains lemon, honey, sandalwood powder and cumin. It helps clean the skin from dirt, grime and pimples, making the skin look fresh and new. Due to the popularity of face bleach, many companies have begun manufacturing their own skin bleaches, but only a handful of them can really make a difference. 

Natural Skin Bleach

The process of face bleach is very simple. The first step to do so is to cleanse your face, this will help you to remove all the dirt from your face. After that, you have to take a lemon and use it on your face. After that use some water to rub onto your face as large as you can so that the white part of the lemon will properly be rubbed onto your face. Finally, use some milk to help you wash it away. You can even use some ice cubes instead of milk.

The process of face bleach gives you a lot of benefits. As compared to the normal whitening which lasts for only a few minutes, the process of face bleach gives you long-lasting results. By doing this process of face bleach you are actually getting naturally glowing skin.

8 Differences Between Facial and Bleach

Both facial and bleach are beautification multi-step treatments with their own set of differences.

  1. Facial includes various steps that target to improve skin quality through deep cleansing and rejuvenating procedures. Whereas, bleach helps in improving the skin tone and targets to lighten complexion.
  1. Facial takes a longer time as compared to bleaching.
  1. Facial treatments have fewer precautions as compared to bleaching.
  1. Facials are more expensive than bleaching.
  1. Skin health is more associated with facial than bleaching.
  1. A facial, when compared to face bleach, is more effective in treating the hyperpigmentation of the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. So, if you want flawless skin tone, then facials will work better than bleach.
  1. Facial requires highly skilled professionals whereas bleaching requires semi-skilled practitioners.
  1. Facials are viewed as therapeutic while bleaching treatments are not.

Take Away

A facial is used to describe the treatment of skin disorders by applying various lotions and ointments. The face is specifically targeted because it is especially sensitive and prone to damage.

Bleach is done to lighten up the dark spots on the face and overall for a fair look. Facial bleach contains hydroquinone, which is a skin bleaching agent that helps to do away with dark spots and marks on the skin.

Both facial and bleach should be done in moderation to avoid irritating your skin. Frequent facial or bleach can also lead to redness, patchiness and acne breakouts.

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