What is scabies on the penis?

Scabies on the penis

Scabies on the penis

Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a microscopic mite called Sarcoptes Scabies. The Scabies mite is a borrowing type parasite that, once born, could give birth to more new mites.

To be precise, Scabies' skin condition is infestation but not infection for the mites left untreated occupy the area with their laid eggs. 

The outlook of Scabies infested skin conditions is way similar to bacterial and fungal skin infections. Dark red or brown-red skin pigments appear. Minute pimple-like rashes formed densely over a small space look weird. 

Scabies is supposed to be born anywhere on the body skin from top to bottom but the enclosed areas would be the most affected. 

This skin disease is highly contagious and controlled only under hygienic conditions. 

Scabies infection mostly spreads through skin-to-skin contact. It is advised not to use Scabies affected person's clothes, towels, soaps, and bedding.

Scabies attacking skin zones

Scabies is most known to grow in certain skin zones. Few of them are in-between fingers, under armpits, around the waist, over the genitals or scrotum, wrist surface, around the breast, etc.

Various Conditions related to Scabies

Scabies parasite mutation is found in various conditions. A few of them are dermatitis, mange, syphilis, folliculitis, eczema, ringworm, lice, the bed bug, chancroid, flea bites, psoriasis, shingles, impetigo, etc. Most skin conditions have the same health protocol. It is to stay hygienic. 

Bad hygienic conditions do not develop skin infections. The bad hygienic conditions do worsen the already infected skin conditions. 

Scabies on Penis

Penis Condition

The penis is a private part unexposed to a normal air atmosphere. It is settled right at the joint intersection of limbs to the trunk of the body which is the most enclosed body particle in the whole body system. Upon this, an undergarment is supposed to be worn to gently displace the penis. Over the underwear, thick or thin, mostly thick jeans or a pant or a trouser is preferred to put on. The skin in and around the genital area is case sensitive to infections and it prolongs for a lifetime if proper care is not taken. 

The male genital position has hair-growing conditions. Due to no ventilation, excess sweat is possible at the penis point. This excess sweat dried over the skin causes irritation. The irk feels itchy once touched. On irritation, one tends to scratch or rashly thrash it. The friction born between scratching nails and the cloth in between and the skin on the penis would affect the sensitive skin very badly.

Genital Scabies

Penis scabies which are also referred to as genital scabies is the formation of skin rashes in and around the penis tubular body due to the burrowing mite called Sarcoptes Scabies. Even though it is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is suggested to partners to maintain disease during the infection. Otherwise, there is a high risk of severe damage to the female genitals, too, which is a worse case. 


The scabies mites once attacking the skin do not reveal themselves in their first stage. After a week or two, thorough revelation takes place. 

In the second stage, the intense desire to scratch the skin develops. The uncontrollable nerve scratches the skin to worsen the condition. It displayed more intently over the night. 

The infected area under scratching ruptures leading the way to an infestation of new eggs. The new eggs become bigger and the infestation process continues to untouchable conditions. 

Genital Scabies Treatment

Self-care is the utmost treatment one could provide in the initial outlook of Scabies. Free air, drying skin zone, usage of fresh garments included in the self-care.

Self-control is the most important solution to both curation and prevention of scabies. One should not scratch either infected or infested areas.

Meeting a dermatologist or infectious disease specialist if the condition is out of control. Following doctors, prescription in time reduces the damage. 

Penis Scabies Medication

Application of ointment lotion on the infected area is one kind of medication to cure scabies. 

Oral intake of medication in capsule form or tonic form is another way. 

Antibiotics like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) can help reduce infections.

Drugs like permethrin, lindane, crotamiton, and ivermectin are considered in the treatment.

Natural Treatment for Genital Scabies

There are naturally found herbal solutions to fight scabies. Tea tree oil, neem extracts, aloe vera, and lemongrass are suggested to naturally treat scabies attacks.

Take Away 

Scabies is an infestation that's prolongation varies from person to person. Medication may cure a person-way soon, another person may stick to it for a longer time. As prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to stay in hygiene all the time. Genital scabies could lead to sexual disinterest in the person, better not to. The out-of-control genital scabies may even lead to infertility. 

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