What Is Penis Sleeve?

Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is a kind of sex toy which a person puts on his penis too, first of all, extend the penis longitudinal size and thereby to feel new experiences while having sex. It is known for absolute satisfaction to both the genders collaborating with the solid sleeve in-between. A penis sleeve is also called with a variety of names such as cock sleeve, penis extension, penis sheath, penis enhancer, external penile prosthetic. The sleeve can be put either on the erect penis or semi-erect penis.

Different types of penis sleeves

There are different types of sleeves depending on how much area or perimeter it is going to cover on the penis body. Some sleeves are only equipped to fit onto the shaft of the penis. Some sleeves are meant to fit in the entire body of the penis. Some sleeves fit in the entire penis body as well as possess extended material to elaborate the size of the penis. However and whatever, every sleeve has the intention to intercept sexual pleasure to an extent.

Uses of penis sleeves and who use it more?

Even though any person can put a sleeve to his penis, it is widely used as an added solution to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The person suffering from erectile dysfunction may have the passion and desire to please his partner with intense sexual activity but his inability to raise his penis and stay long enough during the sexual intercourse could depress him and lag him down. With the help of a penis sleeve, he can confidently put all his passion into the semi erected penis to create an extraordinary orgasm on either side. 

Few women possess G-spot too deep in the body or the anus is so stretched that a penis when inserted may or may not reach the goal of touching the spot and thrusting right at the spot. Such cases can be entertained with the help of a penis sleeve. 

Penis sleeve mechanism

Most of the penis sleeves contain a ribbed pattern that, on insertion into the partner genital, the increased girth will help stimulate the vagina or anus. These sleeves are more satisfying to the inserted vagina than the inserting penis as the girth is touched to vaginal skin more accessible The rough momentum of the penis sleeve once inserted into the vagina or anus, has more chance of touching the internal sensitivity than that possible with the normal penis. The sleeve accesses the penis to touch the generally untouchable vaginal skin tenure due to its different surface platforms. The penis sleeve acts stronger and longer than the natural one and behaves in an effective way to stimulate G-Spot. A penis sleeve is addictive to men and women that once used is strongly stored in the sexual mind. 

The ribbed girth surfaced on the penis sleeve entertains not just insertion but also withdrawal. A man who inserts his penis with a sleeve added deep into the vaginal cavity, the ribbed girth makes the penis feel every inch of turn and moment into the vagina. It feels more like a nut tightened into the bolt. The motion of insertion and withdrawal does require a turning mechanism. Every turn induces more depth into the vaginal cavity. 

One who is interested in buying a penis sleeve must keep in his mind the variety of acceptances of a perfectly satisfying object. A penis sleeve material must be skin proof, soundproof, weight proof, flexible, gritting, and gripping. The one who wears a penis sleeve should not feel that he is wearing one. He should only enjoy the fractions penis sleeve provides.

Penis sleeve for masturbation

A penis sleeve is more like a penis-like vagina than the insertion of the penis into the sleeve itself is a pleasure. The inserted penis in the sleeve, if set onto the back and forth motion either by one's hand or partner's hands, stimulates the nerves inside the penis that the erection is long-lived and the pleasure obtained through the orgasm is more intense. However, there are separate penis sleeves available in the market which are specially made to satisfy masturbation alone. 

Penis Sleeve Vibration

A penis sleeve equipped with a vibrator is intended to induce more force and motion between two sexing bodies. Once the penis sleeve wore onto the penis is put onto vibration, and settled into the vagina, the force of insertion is directed by the sleeve itself so that the man need not put his force of action but simply be pleased with the happening force by the vibrator. The vibrator is generally made to move in prescribed motion with a lot of frequency, the vagina feels the extreme pleasure of orgasm by the end of the intercourse.

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