What Is Penis Injury?

Penis Injury

Penis Injury

The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body. It is a boneless bone when erected and so-called with the name 'boner'. The weakest part of the male human body is the penis. It can easily get hurt. 

The penis is a collection of almost all ninety nerves passing through the body. The frictional force exhibited during hard core sexual intercourse could damage the internal arena of the penile body. The penile injuries may also occur because of scratches and bites, knocks or burns, sexually transmitted infections, accidental hitting, etc.

The penis is such an important sensory organ in the body, the pain generated at the hurt of the penis is capable of killing the person. The damage develops into common injuries that include fracture, avulsion, strangulation, entrapment, and amputation.

Penis Fracture or Penile Fracture

It is a tear of the tunica albuginea, a protective membrane inside the penis that surrounds the erectile tissue.

Although the penis doesn’t have bones in it, the term 'penis fracture' is often used to refer to a penis injury where the lining inside becomes torn. This is often caused by rough sexual intercourse.

Sex is fitting a male sexual organ into a female sexual organ. They are just one percent of the whole body weight or even less. Sexual intercourse involves whole body weight force being acted upon the small size organ. Even though the penis is a boneless bone and capable of bearing the whole weight, there are chances of bending it due to wrongful positions and untimely force implication. Also, the sexual organs are so warm, they generate so heat during sex. 

If you fracture your penis, it will turn black and blue, flatten, and it may make a popping noise. This is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

The classic sign of a penile fracture is a popping sensation during sexual intercourse, making an immediate loss of erection, followed by swelling and bruising around the torn area.

Penile Fracture due to Masturbation

There are rare chances of getting fractures due to Masturbation, too. Masturbation is a self-satisfying action intended to trigger orgasm. The action is generally taken care of by the left or right hand put on the penis. The penis could be flaccid or erectile. If flaccid, the hand has a job to lift it to an erection. Otherwise, the erected penis is subjected to back and bro action gently. The improper action of handling the penis with excess force in an irregular direction could break the penis internals.

Penile Fracture due to Facial

The insertion of a penis into another mouth is called facial. This facial condition sometimes leads to serious conditions. The teeth are bone-like and the penis is a boneless matter. Sometimes, the inserted penis on force execution could get hurt by the teeth. Some other times, the penis gets bitten by the other person. Anyway, the muscles on the penis could get ruptured. 

Penile Injury Due to STIs

Sexually transmitted infections cause various forms on the penis. If the infected penis is recklessly inserted into a vagina, the sensitive skin over the body could rupture badly leading to even worse injuries. 

Penis Injury due to avulsion

The skin of the penis, sometimes, gets attached to the undergarment causing avulsion of the small layer of the skin. Few other times, in the absence of underwear, the skin of the penis gets stuck in the zipper of the pants, causing penile entrapment. The pain hurts like hell. 

Penile Strangulation

Penile Strangulation is a rare condition that occurs due to the constriction force of the object applied to the penis to improve sexual activity or by an accident. 


The penis is a sensitive part and is supposed to be maintained with utmost care. Any injury must be consulted with a doctor and taken care of. It is obvious in the matter of penis, prevention is much much better than cure.


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