What Is Oral Sex?

Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Sexual intercourse involving the oral cavity is called oral sex. Oral sex involves tongue, lips, teeth, and breathe estimated at the genitals. The female genital or male genital put into the mouth cavity is what exactly is oral sex. It is the definition of ultimate love between two persons.

A male genital which is called the penis when penetrated the mouth cavity generates a certain kind of sex quality. Oral sex to the male genital involves sucking.

A female genital which is the vagina when put in front of the manual face, would either insert his nose or kiss her vaginal lips with his lips or penetrate his tongue into the vaginal cavity. The sexual stimulation in a female genital by the oral sex generally involves licking.

Irrespective of gender, anyone could uphold a butt hole right in front of the oral cavity and do whatever the sexual urge demands.

Oral Sex mechanism

The sexual relationship between two bodies need not settle to genitals alone. One can crave another from top to bottom of the body. One can grab, kiss, lick, suck and whatever sexual curiosity stimulates the mind at the moment.

An erected penis is a slim-fit solid body with a muscular bone structure called a boner. This boner resembles how cute a banana looks. The boner quality of the penis enthuses women to not just insert into the vaginal cavity but brings it to her face and thrives to use all her senses to touch it. The muscular embodiment of the penile nerves satisfies great upon the touch of the mouth cavity organs namely lips, teeth, and tongue.

A couple or partners involved in a relationship or about just sexual relationships would like to curb the sexual intimacy and come closer to each other as much as possible. These criteria do not just satisfy the genital intercourse, the mind pulls more gravity on each other's genitals that they would start sucking or licking each other's genitals.

There are a lot of women that crave sperm. We know sperm is the source to activate reproduction in women. However, sperms look beautiful and highly viscous like cheese. The ejaculated penis would spill out drops of semen which are superficial and precious.

A woman engages in oral sex to satisfy her man to ejaculate semen in the end. The ejaculated semen while the penis is put on to and fro motion in the oral cavity is all time gratification to the sexual partners.

The entangling penis shaft is a solid comfort to enter into the oral cavity that the woman feels is everlasting fruit nectar. Women hold the penis in three ways. She may opt to just use her lips to touch the penile headfirst and kiss the whole penile body externally from top to bottom. The lip touch is generally used to erect the sleeping penis. She would generally take an erectile penis to the teeth and chew the boner which gives extreme elasticity as bubble gum. This is usually an attempt to roughly relax muscle nerves stimulated in the penis. The most tempting tension is stimulated by the use of the tongue. The tongue and penis are the two body parts that possess most of the nerve connectivity. When the tongue tempers penis, there is the most pleasure activated in both human bodies. The tenderness rendered in the looks of the woman captivating the penis is the ultimate scenery to see in one's own life.

A big in size penis can go deep down the throat but it is a risky business. The deeply settled penis is put on to and fro action by the woman's head motion. The repeated to and fro motion on various frequencies brings up penis ejaculation with time differences. One would love to stay longer in the oral sex for its physical and psychological pleasures and relaxation.

Mouth intake of semen directly from the penis is what is called a blow job in layman's words. This is performed for a sexual high.

The cooling effects of sperm may help resolve cardiovascular diseases and better blood circulation in the body.

The sperm swallowed during oral sex passes through the windpipe and voice box so that its surface tension eases the vessel passages. The sperm content once digested into the body results in smooth differentiation in the blood circulating vessels and muscles. The taste of semen becomes an addiction that she madly falls in love with.

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