What is microneedling?


Benefits of Microneedling 

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) or needling is a popular 15-20 minute procedure that uses a medical-grade hand tool with multiple micro-needles to create micro-injuries in the skin. A derma-roller has between 300 and 925 tiny needles, while a derma stamp has between 80 and 300 tiny needles.

The purpose of this controlled damage is to force the skin to repair itself by increasing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Collagen is the building block of our skin and aids in plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. 

When we're young, we produce collagen at a high rate, but our levels start to decrease as we get older. Over time, this process leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Microneedling creates tiny puncture wounds on the skin, creating a controlled amount of damage to the epidermis. The body repairs this damage by regenerating new collagen and elastin, which will then reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. This procedure also helps even out discolouration, making hyperpigmentation less visible.

Microneedling is not a new concept. It is an ancient technique that originated in China 6000 years ago. It was used for cosmetic purposes to keep the skin taut and firm. It was also used for improvements in skin pigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, reducing the appearance of small scars, pore size and much more. 

We at Mars by GHC aim to provide quality, safe and effective hair care products that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. We are giving you all the benefits of microneedling that you can avail of by incorporating it into your haircare and skincare regimens.

Hair Growth Surge due to Microneedling

Microneedling is an aesthetic procedure that involves the use of a hand-held device with multiple rows of tiny needles used to create controlled puncture wounds on the surface of the skin.

The latest medical studies have shown that microneedling can have a regenerative effect on hair follicles of the scalp, therefore leading to hair growth in people suffering from alopecia or lack of hair growth.

Using minoxidil along with a derma roller and finasteride tablets is one of the most popular remedies used in the treatment of male pattern baldness. When used on the scalp, it stimulates the blood flow to the face.

Scalp microneedling is an innovative hair growth treatment using a derma roller for hair regrowth that stimulates hair growth, prevents hair fall & promotes healthy & strong hair.

Beard microneedling stimulates the skin to grow new beard hair by breaking the damaged hair follicles, reduces hair shedding due to damaged hair follicles, helps beard hair grow thicker, stronger and promotes beard growth.

Is Microneedling Good for your Face?

Benefits of microneedling for the face: 

  1. Stimulates the production of collagen via FGF (fibroblast growth factor) and PDGF (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor).
  1. Helps to even out the skin tone; the procedure can create a uniform skin tone and give you a natural glow.
  1. Treat fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. 
  1. Reduces the signs of aging like sagging of the skin, dryness, pigmentation and various other blemishes. 
  1. Can help to reduce excess facial hair.
  1. Boosts product absorption.

Microneedling is an aesthetic procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves the use of a handheld device to puncture the skin.

The treatment is especially popular among young adults, who are increasingly seeking non-surgical solutions to look younger.

The procedure, which is referred to as dermarolling, involves the use of a handheld device—that can be powered with or without a battery or hand-held motor—to roll over the skin. The microneedle roller consists of hundreds of tiny needles that pierce the skin's surface. This process triggers the body's wound healing response, which leads to collagen production.

With each session, the number of needles used will vary based on how deep the treatment will be applied to the skin. Typically, between 500 to 800 needles are used during each procedure. The needles range in length from 0.25 mm to 2 mm. The length can determine how deep tissue gets penetrated. 

The skin on the face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on any other part of the body, making it prone to wrinkles and fine lines. In addition to exposure to sunlight, daily exposure to environmental pollutants and exposure to pollution from cigarette smoke play a major role in causing wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, this causes severe damage to the skin structure.

Microneedling for the face is an effective and safe treatment that can be used as an alternative for chemical peels.

The process is simple and it helps the skin to rejuvenate and regenerate faster than normal. Microneedling treatment can be carried out at home using a derma roller machine. 

Take Away

The introduction of a new medical tool helps the process along, thereby reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth of the scalp. The microneedling hair growth therapy has been highly recommended by doctors in India and across the world.

However, there are some minor side effects of microneedling like bruising and mild irritation that can occur if proper pre and post-care are not followed.

To make new hair growth on balding areas on the scalp, Mars by GHC has introduced Mars Derma Roller. This product is designed to provide safe, long-lasting results for protecting hair fall, growing hair back and protecting against further hair loss.

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