What is hymen breaking and its causes?

Hymen breaking

Hymen breaking and its causes

A lot of people have misconceptions about the hymen, let us solve some of them today. People think the hymen is a protective layer in women that shows if she is a virgin or not, however, that is not true.

What people do not know is that the hymen naturally wears off over time, you necessarily may not even break it. The hymen can break from any activity before you experience a sexual one. 

There is a lot of unmanaged information that people need to know. So, all the women out there who are scared that they will be judged or asked about their hymen please do not think so much. It is your body and you need to own it. 


Let us share some solid facts with you about the hymen that will help you in understanding them better. 

Not everyone has a hymen 

The hymen is a very thin tissue attached to the opening of the vagina and normally we would all expect to have it. However, some people are born without this thin tissue which is completely fine. You might have broken your way before you realize what a hymen is, giving yourself a break and enjoying life.

You can not feel or see your hymen 

You can’t see your hymen as it blends with your vagina and is of the same color, similarly, it is impossible for you to feel your hymen with your finger. Even during penetration your partner can not see or feel your hymen. 

The hymen thins over time

The hymen does not break during penetration, however, it does get thin and stretches over time. Which means that it is already open without any sexual intercourse. Women menstruate every month if there is any hymen covering the vagina then how will they be able to do that? Something to think about.

Does not relate to virginity 

It is natural that the hymen will eventually get thin and it has nothing to do with whether or not you are a virgin. Your hymen breaking has nothing to do with sexual intercourse and no one can judge on the basis of your hymen.

No one can tell you that if you don't bleed when you have the sex you are not a virgin, do not listen to any such assumptions made by people. Hymen breaking is a myth and not a medically accepted way.


There are different types of hymen present in different women, here are some of the common types


This is the first type of hymen that sits around the edges of the vaginal opening, with space in the middle for menstrual blood to flow. 


Another type of hymen is the half-moon or crescentic hymen. It forms a crescent shape, covering part of the vaginal opening. They may vary in size.


The third type of hymen is called the septate hymen. It has a thin piece of tissue that runs across the middle of the vaginal opening, creating two openings. A person who has this type of hymen may be unable to use a regular tampon or menstrual cup.


The fourth type of hymen is the imperforate hymen which completely covers the opening of the vagina. This is a rare type of hymen people who have this hymen do not have regular periods. Doctors do suggest a small surgery to make space for menstrual blood to flow.


Next is the micro perforated hymen that covers up most of the vaginal opening except for a very small hole, through which menstrual blood flows. A person with a micro perforated hymen is not able to use a tampon or menstrual cup.


There are a lot of reasons as to why your hymen can break over the course of time. Here is a list of some of the potential reasons.

  • horseback riding
  • riding bicycles
  • climbing trees or jungle gyms
  • playing on obstacle courses
  • gymnastics
  • Dancing
  • inserting tampons or menstrual cups
  • getting a Pap smear
  • getting a transvaginal ultrasound

If you are an athletic person then you would not even get to know when your hymen might have broken.

Being physical with someone is a great thing but please don't let anyone make you feel any less because of your hymen. If your partner is not educated on this subject then help them understand how things work.

Take Away 

The hymen is a thin tissue that can break over years, make sure you do your research about this and do not feel guilty. We hope this article has been of help to all women that wanted to know about their hymen. Keep in mind that your hymen does not decide your virginity. 

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