What is foreplay and why is it important?


What is foreplay?

Foreplay may mean different things to different people, it usually is a sexual activity that leads to intercourse. Good foreplay can make you and your partner feel more comfortable and can help you bond in a better manner. 

Foreplay is subjective. You may enjoy foreplay but for someone else, it might be a waste of time. Foreplay is not just physical but is also physiological, it can help you form a better bond, it can add to the emotional intimacy, and can be helpful in the longer run. 

So, with that being said we will mention a lot of things that come under foreplay that you don't even know of. Foreplay begins when you want it to, it usually does not even need to start at a physical point so make sure you try these amazing foreplay tips with your partner.


As we mentioned that foreplay is subjective and there are a lot of things that foreplay includes that you may not even be aware of. Here are a few ways in which you can grab your partner's attention towards foreplay and can win them over. 

Writing them notes 

A little reminder of your love. Leave cute notes for your partner when you head out on the fridge or you can leave a flirty note on their pillow that would show them that you are interested and that you can be innovative. 


Sexting is one of the best ways to grab your partner's attention. Flirt with them on texts and tell them what you would do to them when you will meet them. This will keep the heat and interest between both, we all love to know that our significant other is thinking about us. 

Date nights 

Come up with interesting date night plans, take them out to their favorite place. A nice candlelight dinner can make anything arousing. Flirting on dates, touching their hands, biting your lips can add up to the heat and romance in your life. 


Using your fantasies is one of the best ways to indulge in romance. Roleplay can help you in boosting your relationship and adding the spice that it must be lacking. 

Passionate kissing 

Nothing works better than a passionate kiss, and when elongated it can work like a charm. Kissing is one of the first steps of physical intimacy and when done right with locked eyes and passion it can make anyone feel loved and special.

Scented candles 

You need to up your game by making your partner feel extra special. Light up some scented candles and spend quality time with your partner. Scented candles can be a mood changer, aromatherapy is real and can work to make your life easier. 

Music is a must 

Set the mood by adding some music that you and your partner both enjoy, tease your partner, dance with them, and be goofy around them. This can help you both to get closer to each other and to accumulate feelings. 


Striptease and role play can go hand in hand. This can add to you and your partner's mood. You can wear your partner's favorite lingerie, surprise him and make him feel excited. 

Play sexual games 

We are sure you must have heard about plenty of games that couples can enjoy in their quality time. This can help in improving your relationship and can also add off to the missing spice. Be innovative and try to flirt as much as you can. 

Make out 

Make out means different things to different people, for some make out means kissing while for others it may mean going a step further from that. You do you, understand your partner's needs, and act on them.


Massages can also help you get closer to your partner, use essential oils and see the magic happen. You can also get the skin to skin massage that can add to fun and playfulness around the act. 

Erogenous zones 

It is important to talk to your partner and ask them what they like and what they don't. This will help in building the relationship stronger. Try different things and get to know your partner's erogenous zones better. 

Shower together 

Save water shower together, there is nothing better than soapy bath times. Include your partner in your activities and amp up your game. 

Oral sex 

Well, this depends on your comfort level with your partner. Don't force them to do anything they don't like. Always make them feel comfortable and welcomed. If you are okay with performing oral sex then make your partner aware of this. 

Take Away 

Well, foreplay is a vast topic and whether you can indulge in it or not depends on you and your partner. Little things for them can bring you closer and enhance your relationship. We hope you like all our ideas to amp up your foreplay.

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