What Is Beard Balm and How To Use It?

Beard balm | What Is Beard Balm and How To Use It?

Beard Balm uses and benefits

Beard balm is a friendly little salve that can relax your skin under the beard, keep it healthy and even tame your beard with little to no effort. This overview will quickly take you through the basics of what beard balm is and how to use it in various situations.

Beard balms are an easy way to keep your beard looking great. Some people choose to use balm for styling their beards to achieve the perfect look. Other people use the balm for conditioning hair follicles and preventing dandruff. There is a variety of beard balms for men which vary in ingredients and qualities.

Beard balm is a mix of essential oil and beeswax, having a thick consistency. It forms a thicker layer than beard oil, locking in the moisture much better than beard oil. Beard oil is best suited for the ones who have very dry skin and a dry beard.

How does Beard Balm help you?

Just like leave-in conditioner, beard balm helps you to moisturize your beard, and soften and style your beard.

Beard balm contains very good ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil beeswax, and any other essential oils. All these ingredients are very well known for moisturizing, anti-microbial properties, and also for enhancing hair growth.

These oils are present in the beard balm and due to its thick consistency, beard balm forms a layer of it. The layers lock in moisture giving protection from harsh climates or harsh chemicals such as face wash.

Beard Balm Ingredients

Beard oils and beard balms have almost the same composition, except beard balms contain beeswax. 

Ingredients of beard balms can be categorized into 4 main categories.

  • Beeswax
  • Malleable agent
  • Essential oils 
  • Carrier oils


Beeswax has multiple benefits including beard balms’ ability to hold shape moderately and also protect from harsh climates.

Malleable Agent:

Mostly essential butter like shea butter is used as a malleable agent to convert the oils into a more waxy form. Shea butter is also known for being a good moisturizer.

Essential Oils:

Oils like lavender oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, etc give a distinct fragrance to the product, but also provide nourishment and skincare.

Carrier Oils:

Oils that moisturize and improve the skin underneath the beard such as jojoba oil, argan oil, etc are carrier oils.

How to Apply Beard Balm?

  • Wash and rinse your beard with good beard shampoo and with warm water
  • Apply beard conditioner, leave it for 1-5 mins and rinse properly
  • Pat dry your beard properly. Any moisture left will not let the uniform application of beard balm and also hinder its functioning.
  • Take a little beard balm into your fingers and spread it between your palms and fingers.
  • Work between palm and fingers until the beard balm is warm and easy to work with. 
  • Using your fingers, start applying lightly to your beard roots and skin under the beard
  • Slowly start applying the beard balm on your palms to the beard length.
  • Make sure you cover all the corners of the beard region.
  • Use your boar bristle beard brush to comb the entire length of your beard, from roots to tips. This will help in evenly spreading the beard balm throughout the beard.

Beard Balm Benefits

Beard balm is just three ingredients that will leave your beard feeling smooth and healthy in no time. The best part? It interacts well with your beard care routine and fits right in alongside your favourite facial oils. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the benefits below and learn how a few drops of balm can tune your beard up for springtime styles and beyond!

Here are some benefits of using a beard balm

  • Gives Volume:

Beard balm would not help in making your beard thick but it would add a layer and weight to your beard.
  • Prevents Beard Dandruff:

Beardruff is a common problem for men with a beard. It is caused by wither dryness, dead skin cells, or even due to microbial growth. The essential oils in beard balm help in getting rid of dandruff and even stop microbial growth.
  • Styling and Taming: 

Although beard wax is mostly used for styling and to hold shape. For a beard style which requires not much shape-holding, then beard balms are the right products for you. It saves you from a messy beard and a well-maintained look. Use beard balm after a shower, and brush it back regularly to have a good volume
  • Healthy Look:

Beard balm makes your beard look healthy by giving a colourful and gives weight. Thus your beard gives a healthy look to your beard.
  • Prevents Itchiness:

Beard growth especially during its initial stages till 4 weeks is very itchy. Beard balm relieves you from itching by forming a layer on the beard.
  • Protects from harsh conditions:

Your beard is the first thing on your face to get exposed to harsh climates such as humidity, cold, and UV rays. Beard balms form a layer, thus protecting your skin under the beard and also the beard from harsh cold winds to cancerous UV rays.

    Beard Oil or Balm for Stubble

    This is a tough one to answer. Beard oil or beard balm have their own benefits. Depending upon the length and thickness of your beard. 

    Beard balm is a versatile product. Best for moderately holding shape, no matter the length of the beard. 

    For stubble, we recommend beard balm as beard balm gives a little volume and a tamed look to your beard. It also gives a shiny look to your beard suitable for any occasion, be it an office look or a party look.

    But for light stubble for just 1-2 weeks, beard oil is recommended. Make sure you do not apply too much beard oil.

    Take Away 

    Beard balm is an oil and wax mixture that has been used for many years in the haircare industry. It comes with a number of claims that it can positively affect your beard and hair growth. This popular product claims to provide several different benefits to people wishing to grow their facial hair at different stages in life.

    Beard balm is a natural anti-fungal treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells on your face and pulls out dead skin cells from within your beard.

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. When should I use beard balm?

    The best time to apply beard balm is after taking the shower. As this is when your beard is properly clean and the beard hair is softest, making application of the balm easier and the hairs easier to style.

    2. Do you put beard balm on wet or dry beard?

    The good thing about beard balm is that you can apply it whenever you wish. Unlike beard oils which are best applied after the shower, you can apply beard balm to a dry or damp beard. If you're using a beard wash, you can follow up with a beard balm to style it up.

    3. What comes first beard oil or balm?

    Just like the conditioner should be used after using the shampoo, beard balm should be used after using the beard oil. Just like with the oil, take a small pea-size amount of balm into your hand and rub it around your beard. Then massage it gently into your beard, specifically the wildest and most unruly sections.


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