What Is A Beard Challenge?

Beard Challenge


Beard is the natural outgrown facial hair of male human beings. It is the hair of a man but not of a boy even though it starts showing up from teenage in most male beings. Growing of beard is part of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics controlled by testosterone hormone in the male human body.

The beard covers the facial skin attached to the chin, the cheek, the neckline, the jawline, and the sideburns. Moustache is the same kind of hair growing between the nose and the upper lips, connecting either side of the beard of the face.

In order not to feel bored with one's face, to feel fresh and excited, there is an unbelievable number of styles that a grown-up beard could be molded into. There are still emerging, trending beard styles in our day-to-day life.

Beard is the best friend to man in needy times. Beard brings warm feelings to the man during essential times. Growing a beard is a way of expressing his Manhood.

There are a variety of beard challenges put in play for various emotional needs and damages. One can simply make a lot of time pass indulging in growing a beard irrespective of his acceptance to a beard challenge.

Beard Challenge

It is a challenge to be faced irrespective of one's obsession with growing a beard or maintaining beard styles. Man feels unique with his beard and the lack of it creates some astonishing difference to him once he is habituated to it.

A beard challenge could connect men from different places in the world to one single motive. A beard challenge could help a style go trendset worldwide with the outbreak of the internet nowadays.

According to the famous spiritual personality Sadhguru, a beard is never to be trimmed or shaved. It has to be grown uncut as the days pass in one's life. Beard is the symbolic image of grown-up life. To accept his words and believe in his principles is one of a kind beard challenge.

The major hashtag trending on the internet and social media in recent times is BREAKTHEBEARD with an intent to make out a beard challenge. Celebrities to normal people who are engaged or addicted to using the internet or social media have taken the challenge and showcased their bare faces.

The recent beard challenge is a Snapchat filter that makes the beard completely disappear and it has become the latest TikTok trend. The man who shows up in the video or photo of TikTok or Snapchat content does not remove the beard but showcases his face with a filter effect of removing the existing beard.

Beard challenges could be anything that typically makes some difference to the existing beard. Beard challenges would help the men to become a community or an organization to achieve some set goal.

For suppose, there is a season in men's modern-day life cycle that comes every year which is known to be No Shave November. During the month, the men grow a big beard without a cut or a shave, or a trim. The beard challenge on the name No-Shave November is started with a good intent to collect the money saved from no shaving and use it for good causes like spending them for cancer patients.

Beard color is another beard challenge that gets rainbow colors on the beard hair simply to show a liking or support system to the LGBTQ community. 

If a sudden depression has hit the group of friends, the whole group takes the beard challenge and grows it fully or partially or any other unique way simply to showcase their unity of strength with time.

Beard challenges could also be taken during break-up times or leaving times. A couple might have broken up and the man could challenge himself to not shave his beard until his new partner is found or the other way to not grow his beard until he found a new girlfriend.

If the breakup is temporary like the girl is going abroad and he needs to stay alone for some time, the man is romantically conditioned to grow his beard until she comes back. This is one of the romantic beard challenges.

Beard challenge is also a way to showcase one's determination and willpower. A man committed to working out his mission or a project could decide to keep growing his beard until the work is done. Most serious scientists or professors look with beards for the same reason.

Take Away 

Beard challenges are simply a way to showcase one's integrity, passion, compassion, playfulness, determination, willpower, patience, youthfulness, fashion, friendliness, social interest, and a lot more. 

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