What Do You Mean By Honeymoon Phase?

Honeymoon phase

Honeymoon phase

The starting period of the couple, either by marriage or love or living relationship, is highly rejoiced, both physically and mentally, according to the state of foolishly attracted to each other to an extent of could not leave each other nor live without each other is called honeymoon phase in one life. During the phase, they feel heaven in the bathroom, too. That close, one becomes another. During the same phase, the get-together couple becomes half-being to one another.

In simple words, the honeymoon phase is the romantic getaway with fresh feelings emerging in life right after the marriage.

A honeymoon is an intimacy that has a feeling or atmosphere of closeness and openness towards the partner, not necessarily involving sexuality. The sexuality can also be shared but on longer days of staying together if the persons engaging in the marital affair are introverted. Most extroverts indulge in sexual activity right off the first day. Few couples shy off to nudity for the greater Intimacy. Others damage themselves, right on the day.

Time Duration of the honeymoon phase

It all depends on the couple and their bonding. Few couples feel it to the time they went out on a trip right after marriage for a namesake. It can last barely a week or two. Whereas, there are couples found on the Earth who are so immense to each other that they feel the honeymoon phase forever. In general, the average couple enjoys it for two years. Most couples lose interest in their own good when they have children. Most couples get pregnant during the honeymoon phase.

Why is it called the honeymoon phase?

You know what honey tastes like. You also know how the moon looks and feels. The moon is the coolest and lovely sunlight found on the Earth. This moonlight generates love and comfort on the reflection over the skin. The generated love when shared with one another, creates honey-like tasted moments. The one who shares the reflection of the moon is definitely sustained to possess another person's reflection, too.

Honeymoon is automatically generated by the way one wants during the coupling time. They were freshly married and sent onto the world only to experience the new phase in life with extraordinary ease and attention followed by a strange passion for somebody closely attached.

Purpose of the honeymoon phase

A human being living in society is disciplined to carry a few of one's own feelings unexpressed. The stored emotions in the heart thrive to express all as a secret to someone special in life. One would be bound to stick adhesively to some other heart.

This is all possible when two human beings are brought together and bonded to each other with the subjective system called marriage. One's heart does not know to another to a deep-down extent. This unknown chemistry in nature strives to become known chemistry during a phase called honeymoon. Body and emotional chemistry go hand in hand to put aside a lot of doubts and simply settle into a newly connected soul.

Intense moments of the Honeymoon phase

The honeymoon phase is an out-and-out dream moment. The most important thing in the phase is visiting locations. Moving to a far place from the hometown or booking a farmhouse in the city outskirts, romantic long drives, going on a morning walk at the seashore, feeling the breezy hilltops on the sunsets, spooning each other all the time roaming around, sitting on laps, heading on buttocks, smelling each other farts with little intimacy, staying long in the bedtime, bathing together, romancing in the kitchen, hugging from the front and back, daily wine and dinner, woman massaging man legs whereas man plays her feet.

This is the same time when a man secretly smells her bra hanging on the balcony whereas a woman openly smells his shirt collar before putting the washing machine on, and checks his pocket smell if he is a smoker. The love chemistry runs the time moment quickly and easily. They feel fever together, cold together, and possible infections together.

Take Away 

The honeymoon phase is so addictive that there are instances of couples leaving jobs, forgetting careers, indulging in just loving each other, ignoring family members, spending exuberantly, etc. A failed honeymoon phase contains philosophical differences, moral differences, extreme hatred, depression, passionless life, suicidal thoughts, subsequent disturbances, doubts, fights, freak outs, etc. 

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