What are the stages of grooming?



Grooming is a subjective process to beard growth. Beard is a facial hair grown in men, one of the most differentiating qualities from women, is a style of man nature. It is supposed to grow over the chin and cheek, through the jaw and neck. The beard is exposing the segmentation of the androgen and testosterone glands in the male human body.

The beard growth in men doesn't come from their birth itself. It happens in later years. The adulteration of a boy into a man takes place through teenagers. The teenager blows all essential hormones in the body making puberty work out. That's when the hair starts to grow at different parts of the body. Of course, women too grow hair at different parts of the body but they can't build facial hair which makes them look smooth and beautiful.

The cute boys become handsome once they pose while still grooming a thrown beard. That beard is one of the definitions of man. The raw, groovy, shady look is enhanced upon growing a beard.

Stages of Hair Growth

There are many stages in beard growth in a man's lifetime. From teenage to old age, the beard changes in its nature in terms of density, color, thickness, and depth.

Teenhood, Stage1

The facial hair is yet to be brought out from the seed-like hair follicles generated in the beard zone on the face due to androgen and testosterone hormone's initial male activity in the body. The hair follicles are blooming but not yet grown out in stage one in the teenage when the roots are born under the skin layer. 

Teenage, Stage2

The thin and short hair particles show up on the face over certain parts of the chin, cheek, mustache, neck, and jawline. The hair color is black to light brown. This is the same stage when pimples also grow on the boy's face skin. More than half of the teenage period from thirteen to nineteen is indulged in this stage. 

Youth Beard, Stage3

Once the teenage is done, the hormones in the body take an increased attack developing the changes in teenagers to become more intense. The density of beard hair spread over the face is rapidly increased during this time. Depending on whether the beard is shaved or trimmed, this stage is divided into two categories. 

On shave, the hair follicles due to the sharp cut of the blade, become more tensile resulting in roughness. When you groom the beard, it makes a geeky sound. 

On trimming, the hair is gently handled to keep smoothness still. The one who dreams of looking boyish for a long time prefers trimming. 

Complete Adultery, Stage4

This is the period most of the men forget about their beauty and keep worrying about life, money, family, and career-like things. The hair is in the journey of becoming old. The hair on the head may get lost but the beard hair doesn't lose for thinkers. This is the age daughters play with dad's beard. The hair looks black or brown at this stage. 

Ageing, Stage5

The wilderness in adultery comes to relaxation at a certain age which results in aging in men. During this stage, the beard growth has its own experience for years old. 

The other way of determining beard growth stages.

The zero size beard,

The stage when the beard is shaved completely trimmed to zero points. This is the restart of the beard growth. 

The 2-Week Beard,

The beard grown after two weeks of trim or shave is the second stage. The hair is grown in small size with a rough shallow look.

The 4-Week Beard, 

The beard fully grown with a dense outlook with medium size in length is the next stage of beard growth. During this stage, the beard is warm and venture. 

The 6-Week Beard,

The final stage where the beard growth tends to possess curls with forest-like intensity. The continuous growth of beard with cuts or trim for more than a month results in the final stage of beard growth. 

Take away

The beard is the most eligible man's criteria. Man is independent due to the warmness beard hair provides. A woman depends on a man for he possesses warmness. The beard growth is the passion of the man. He is called handsome for he handles that awesome beard in his body's life.

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