What are the side effects of breast surgery?

Breast surgery


Breasts are the two-sided hilly soft flesh observed at the chest part of the female being with a nipple at the top of their uphill, generally put forward to milk feeding after pregnancy to the born child.

According to the definition from the English dictionary, breasts are either of the two organs on the front of a female human's chest, which contain the mammary glands; also the analogous organs in males.

As the breasts are the tangling body part, they face certain problems that a manual chest does not take.

However, Breast faces two major problems. One is breast cancer and the other one is breast size and shape.

There are different types of breast surgeries in relation to various breast problems.

Types of breast surgeries

Before indulging in any kind of breast surgery, one must look after their own breast condition through various available tests that determine exactly what the problem is inside the breast part.

Tests that can help diagnose breast cancer include mammograms and ultra sound. They can even identify with the help of MRI scans.

If both the mammogram and ultrasound cannot clarify the stage and presence of breast cancer, the doctor would again go forward with a breast biopsy.

Surgeries for breast cancer

Breast cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells. Typically, the cancer forms in either the lobules or the ducts of the breast.

Lobules are the glands that produce milk, and ducts are the pathways that bring the milk from the glands to the nipple. Cancer can also occur in the fatty tissue or the fibrous connective tissue within your breast.

Surgery is the most common treatment for breast cancer besides other treatments such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, or hormone therapy.

There are several types of breast surgeries that may be used to remove breast cancer. They include

Side effects of breast-conserving surgery

Side effects of breast-conserving surgery can include:

Pain or tenderness or a "tugging" sensation in the breast.

Temporary swelling of the breast.

Hard scar tissue or a dimple that forms in the surgical site.

Change in the shape of the breast.

Nerve (neuropathic) pain (sometimes described as burning or shooting pain) in the chest wall, armpit, and/or arm that doesn’t go away over time. This can also happen in mastectomy patients and is called post-mastectomy pain syndrome or PMPS.

If axillary lymph nodes are also removed, other side effects such as lymphedema may occur.

Side effects of breast reduction surgery

Fatigue: Many patients are surprised by how tired and worn down they feel following breast reduction.

Pain: Breast reduction surgery is likely to cause significant discomfort or pain.

Swelling: The breasts are likely to be significantly swollen at the breast part which is initially surgeries to reduce.

Side effects of mastectomy or breast removal

The removal of a breast could cause a change in posture of the overall body through the weight imbalance at the trunk of the body which could possibly result in further body parts namely affecting neck back pain, spinal cord issues, and shoulder discomfort.

Side effects due to Breast Implant Surgery

Scarring on the skin around the surgery

Tightening of the breast tissue

Ruptured implant starts leaking, causing the formation of small silicone granulomas lumps.

Unacceptable folds around the implant

Rotation issue of the implant within the breast

A thin tissue layer might stick to the implant and cause it to ripple.

Infections are the most commonly seen side-effects of this surgery. Many times your surgeons have to remove the implants to treat the infection.

Breast-feeding might be a bit problematic to the women sometimes as the amount of milk production might decrease. Sometimes the breasts are unable to produce even a small amount of milk.

Sometimes, the results are not as per your requirements or the way you thought. Hence, you might demand another surgery.

The nerves on the nipples are so sensitive, and they might get damaged if the surgeon is not experienced in this field. Due to this, you might face complete loss of sensation, less sensation, or abnormal sensation.

Abnormal bleeding during the surgery.

Allergy to anesthesia.

Some blood clots inside the body.

Side effects of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the surgical intervention to increase the volume of the breast and change its shape is what doctors call breast augmentation.

The increased breast may not be observed in the desired size and shape.

The size of one breast could be out of order to the size of the other breast.

Take Away 

Any breast surgery could become an issue raising conflicting breastfeeding. The milk sending glands could be disturbed during the surgery thereby resulting in obstacles to milk feed after pregnancy.

Cosmetic issues are also one of the common side effects of breast surgery. Most of the women fear damage to their face and body shape.

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