What are the different kinds of foreplay?



Foreplay is something romantic or sexual arousal or erotic behavior or massage or facial or genital in order to achieve some solid time towards their sexual activity irrespective of whether it is intercourse or not.

Foreplay has much more value than sexual intercourse even does not, for foreplay is the source of energy between two bodies which can be put forward to sexual intercourse or everyday activities.

Foreplay does not happen in a single type. A person can put all his creativity into an act of letting intimacy too close, thereby creating sexual nerves that would entertain sexual activity to another level. 

Foreplay can be played both before and after sexual intercourse. The foreplay before sexual intercourse can bring the energy stored in the soul to the body whereas the foreplay after sexual intercourse would help the body to get back to normal stabilities once after the loss of energy from the body due to the sexual orgasm.

Foreplay relieves stress and depression. Foreplay gives energy to battle stress and depression observed from both daily activities and sexual activities.

Foreplay energizes the body to another level of energy masses that would not let the body go depressed on simple daily acts. The physical strain and mental strain one compound upon a daily activity or living would generally go high raise which would only direction changed with sex like activities.

Foreplay is a catalyst to convert the same energy that is paining the body parts, muscles, and joints into the energies that are comforting and pleasure-giving through sexual activity.

Bathroom Romance

Foreplay can be named to a person sitting in front of the person smoking in their mutual restroom. Foreplay can also be defined as cleaning each other's ass up together. During their nasty smells, sucking each other's lips to a totally opposite world.

Foreplay can be played in the bathroom during their bath together first and continue the same closeness together in the bedroom or dressing room, possibly irritated over each other for wetting the floor. 

During the course, the persons can be completely naked, wanting each other to get licked till the time their whole body dries up. This is an extremely erotic behavior that even intercourse does not match.

Kitchen Foreplay 

This is the most romantic foreplay that once the food is done cooking, they don't go to the dining table but onto the bed. When the woman is cooking in the kitchen, showing her back to whoever looks into the kitchen, the man would get stuck to that vision. He goes near her, grabs her behind, and does whatever his sexual or romantic mind intends.

Her back end could most probably raise his genital in a very less time of getting each other touched, the next coming moments would be how soon he is going to insert his genital into her naked anal base.

There are people who long for foreplay and there are people who cut shots on foreplay. The people who are much eager would go on to sexual intercourse right in the kitchen, itself.

Masturbating sexual partners

Masturbation can be considered under foreplay if the action takes place between two personalities.

The pleasure obtained from masturbation is a lot more similar to what sex could pleasure. The only difference is, sex would involve another heart and personality that would company an intense activity whereas masturbation goes to all individuals that could raise loneliness in one own's life.

However, a couple is free to masturbate his or her genitals. The sexually tired of energy-less bodies would look after playing with genitals alone that may further gear up to sexual intercourse.


Genital lubrication is one of the kinds of various foreplay.

The genitals are way tight and uncomfortable before being involved in sexual intercourse. The unusedness of the genitals may freak out the person during sexual intercourse.

There could be a lot of friction emerging from the genital intercourse such a way leading to various injuries or damages on the genital making a lot of pain instead of pleasure.

To avoid such circumstances, the sexual partners may put some lubricant on the genitals and engage in sexual activity.

The time spent on lubricating one another's genitals is supposed to be called foreplay only.

Watching porn

Watching porn together in bed or hall, for sexual arousal or just to time pass with the partner watching other people's sex is one of the ways to the most romantic foreplays.

Pornography is a sexual urge stimulating videography. The videos show nude persons engaged in sexual activity that impacts watching brains. The sexual arousal that occurred could be satisfied with the partner.

Practicing sex positions

Learning about various sexual positions sitting together and understanding the way to do it and discussing it with each other is a kind of foreplay that happens before sexual intercourse.

Sex could be practiced in various sexual positions that would make the activity interesting with the same sexual partner. The sex in different positions would feel different from one another and makes the partners like each other even though they are known each other in the sexual activity for a long time back.

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