What are the benefits of using condoms?

Benefits of using condoms

Benefits of using Condoms

To the definition, a condom is a flexible sleeve made of latex, a kind of rubber, or other impermeable material such as sheepskin, worn over an erect genital during intercourse as a contraceptive or as a way to prevent the spread of STDs. Condom is the best way to guarantee avoidance of pregnancy from love making between a male and a female human being.

In layman terms, a condom is a rubber-like thin coated substance worn onto an erected genital to collect climax semen into the balloon-like substance instead of going into the vaginal cavity. Condoms have elastic behavior and could stretch to fit different genital sizes.

There are two advantages of wearing a condom during love making. Safe love making is the primary theme of condoms. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is the secondary goal.

Condom is the only type of contraception to prevent most STIs and unwanted pregnancies. This is available for both men and women. Male condoms are worn on the erected genital which acts as a barrier from love making fluids during love making. Female condoms are worn right before love making. It can be worn in the vagina or anus to stop semen or other fluids from entering. 

Practice Safe love making. Counterattack to STDs

STDs is an abbreviation for love making Transmitted Diseases. The same diseases can be considered as love making Transmitted Infections which are abbreviated as STIs. STDs or STIs are diseases or infections transmitted through genital contact, developed by shared bacteria, viruses, or parasites. A disease or an infection related to the love making transmission could be born then and there itself during love making between two uninfected persons who are subjected to earlier love making with other persons. In another way, the infected person may share a virus or parasite with an uninfected person during a love making course. It is more of an uncertain infection. 

Depending on the type of virus, bacteria, or parasite, depending on the way of transmission, there are dozens of love making transmitted diseases or infections identified in the course of health sciences. Few of the STDs are HIV/AIDS, Scabies, Chancroid, Genital Herpes,

Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, balanitis, etc.

Condoms stay in between the two person's genitals, thereby preventing the transmission of love making infections or diseases caused by various bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

There is certainly no chance for the penile forehead pierced into the vaginal cavity to touch the inner walls of the vagina. This prevents the fluid exchange of the secretions released from the two bodies. When the secretions from the ovum and testes are settled to their bodies due to the presence of a thin layer between them, there is no chance for infections to transmit from one body to another body.

Birth management

Another benefit is, pregnancy is inevitably prevented once the condom-wear erected genital is inserted into the vagina. Generally, reproduction takes place when semen is preserved in the ovum. This process needs the genital to first touch the ovary column settled deep inside the vagina. Due to the genital being covered with the condom, the ejected semen is all collected into the condom.

Not all people can afford to raise children. That does not mean they should not enjoy love making. They can still enjoy themselves without the thought of giving birth to children. The available contraception is a condom.

The population of a country could be kept within limits with the help of condoms. 

Protects foreskin from love making friction

love making is a great force between two persons. There would generate a lot of friction between two genitals which are already temperature oriented. This friction, temperature, and force between two genitals can wear and tear the skin layers attached to genital outer structures, namely the foreskin. 

The upholding of the condom between two genitals during love making could save them from tearing and love making injuries.

Multiple love making partners

One can satisfy their love making passions with the presence of a condom. Not everyone is satisfied with a single love making partner. The unsatisfied personalities look for multiple love making partners. The use of a condom would support them in providing safe love making and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Flavored love making

The condom is designed and textured for an intense and synchronized experience for him and her, helping to reach a climax in orgasm at a time. The condoms are manufactured in various flavors. They generally make different odors during usage. These odors engage men and women with more love making passion. 

Fun and love making

The use of condoms, right from opening the cover of the condom packet, to wearing a genital or vagina, to using it during love making, is all fun and sexy in front of a love making partner. The use of condoms additionally provided enhanced sensation and increased satisfaction.

Intercourse Last Longer

The tightness or firmness generated upon wearing a condom holds the genital standing still for a long time. This keeps the erected genital stay erect for a longer time. This forces men to stay longer during intercourse.

Take Away 

There are rare chances of condoms getting torn up during love making. That's why the condom companies don't guarantee a hundred percent but advertise with the statement, 98% effective. It is all your luck in destiny even after using condoms during love making.

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