What are the after-sex effects in females?

Sex effects in females

After-sex effects 

Sex for females

The vaginal or anal or oral intake of penile penetration deep down to the satisfactory segments allowed naturally in the female reproductive or sexual stimulation is what is sex for females.

Anal Sex

The displacement of the erected penis into the female anus or anal cavity for sexual pleasure is called anal sex.

Vaginal Sex

The sexual activity obtained by penile intercourse with the vaginal cavity is called vaginal sex. This is the only possible intercourse for reproduction.

Oral Sex

The sexual pleasure experiences involve mouth organs to play genitals. The touch of genitals with tongue or teeth or lips comes under oral sex. 

Side Effects of Sex

Sex is an activity that pulls out tremendous energy from either side bodies. Most of them suppose sex to be a pleasure but it is not the same every time. As sex life involves male genital inserted into female genital, it most of the time causes enormous pain in the same sensitive genitals. 

There are certain body ailments or misalignments that correspond to sexual side effects or the after-sex effects deprived in a female body. The major aching that involves the after-sex effects is the vagina, lower abdomen, groin, or lower back. During sexual intercourse, there is a heaviness or pressure in the vagina that after orgasm there could be a chance of generation of a void or vacuum in the vagina that couldn't be controlled and causes pain.

After sex effects in females

Urinary Tract Infections

Women can become more prone to contracting UTIs and vaginal infections if they have too much sex at a time. Urinary Tract Infections are side effects of sex that can happen to both men and women but the vagina is the bearing genital and absorbs both vaginal urination and penile urination if any leakage during sex. There would be an Increased frequency of urinary tract infections leading to either excess excretion of urinal fluid or impervious enactment of urinal glands included in the vaginal cavity. The excess penis penetration in a disorder could lead to bladder control problems at times of heavy lifting, coughing, or sneezing.

Thus a sexually active woman might be at a higher risk of getting one. So to avoid UTIs, one must urinate before and after having sex. Drink tons of water and remember to clean your vagina.


Whether pain or pleasure, sex is an intense activity. Human psychology proves that the human nerve system gets addicted to whatever sensitivity impulses them. A human body once tasted the sexual experience, the heart prioritizes sex. This sense of attraction towards sex distracts the person from concentrating on other life and career activities.

Nervous Weakness

One of the most immediate sex effects is loss of muscle tone and pelvic relaxation. Excess involvement in sexual activity results in nervous disorders. The friction or impulse generated in the penile or vaginal cavity impacts the whole nervous system stimulant. As more than ninety nerves are subjected to genitals, the twisted moments generated during various sexual positions invoke the overall body mechanism.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The improper coordination between two individuals during sexual intercourse could lead to spinal cord injuries. The force exerted by the penis if not accepted by the vaginal personality would not reach the vaginal destination but displace onto other body parts. The vagina is a combination of various fluids and sensitive muscles specially designed to comfort itself and the inserted penis during sex. The dislike or uninterest showcased by the female personality would damage both male and female mentally and physically.

The two-body personalities indulged in sexual intercourse would not weigh the same, for most people. The more weight the body is, when dependent on a low-weight body, it causes adverse effects on the spinal cord.

Genital cuts

The genitals are usually sweaty, sensitive, and fragile. The skin layered over the genital muscles is the most case-sensitive in the overall body. The friction and temperature caused due to sexual intercourse rupture the skin covering the genitals. The rupture develops to cuts on skin that would bleed on further interaction.

Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases

There are almost thirty to forty infections or diseases that transmit due to sexual intercourse. A person who is infected with a certain sexually transmitted disease, and unknowingly or ignorantly slept with another sexual partner, becomes the culprit to infect another person with his disease. A few of the STIs are HIV/AIDS, Balanitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, etc.

Depression due to Sex

As sex needs a tremendous amount of energy, the sexual partners lose a solid amount of calories from their bodies. The loss of energy deactivates other functions in the body, resulting in a certain kind of demotivation. The demotivated personality shows depression externally and decreased metabolism internally.

Take Away 

Vaginal intercourse is the first most objective to reproduction that could lead to pregnancy in women that prolong for nine months to the delivery of the by-product due to sex. 

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