What Are Some Side Effects Of Anal Sex?

Side Effects Of Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Anal sex is the sexual activity involving penetration of the anus. Anal intercourse is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into a person's anus and rectum for sexual pleasure. 

The anus is one of the openings of the human body that is exclusively used to excrete the solid waste formed out of digestion in the intestines. The anus is where the gastrointestinal tract ends and exits the body.

Sex is a source of reproduction when a penis is an intercourse with a vagina. Otherwise, it means fun and time passes. Anus sex is named after irresponsible sex and free sex for it does not involve the thought of reproduction.

As anal sex involves the penis penetration into the excreted part, it has some side effects alongside fun and pleasure.

Side effects of Anal sex


The anus starts at the bottom of the rectum which is the last portion of the colon (large intestine). The anal cavity is a private part exclusively designed to excrete solid waste generated through the food digestion process in the intestines. The penetration of penis into anus is what is called anal sex. It involves penis touching the stool, the ready to excrete waste stored in the rectum. The process smells shit sometimes.

STIs or STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Sexually Transmitted infections are the ones transmitted from one person to another person through sexual intercourse. As the penile shaft is irked to the stool stored rectum and beyond parts, it is an absolutely ridiculous option for infections to transfer from one body to another body.

No lubrication leads to full heat

Anus is a dry area that does not possess lubrication like the vaginal part. The absence of lubrication makes the anus dry and tight so that the insertion of penis is really hard. The intercourse most definitely needed some lubrication applied on the penis in order to pass into the anal cavity. The absence of lubrication and the thrusting force of penis combined together burns the anal cavity too bad. This burning sensation would not allow the anal intercourse person to sit for a long time. 

Skin tears

The wild force of action between penis and anal cavity sometimes leads to tearing the skin of the place with major cuts and wounds. 


Anal sex is a pleasure position only but the tightness of the butt-hole combined with the weight of the butts, trunk, and head falling onto the inserted penis could damage both to bleeding with minor to major wounds. 

Penile Fracture

Anal sex is both trying to fit penis into the anal cavity and thrusting the fitted penis for a long time. Penis is just one percent of the whole body weight or even less. Sexual intercourse involves whole body weight force being acted upon the small size organ. Even though the penis is a boneless bone and capable of bearing the whole weight, there are chances of bending it due to wrongful positions and untimely force implication. Also, the sexual organs are so warm, they generate so heat during sex. 

If one fractures the penis, it will turn black and blue, flatten, and it may make a popping noise. This is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

The classic sign of a penile fracture is a popping sensation during sexual intercourse, making an immediate loss of erection, followed by swelling and bruising around the torn area.


Anal sex is way too tiresome compared to what it takes for vaginal sex. Anal sex burns a lot of calories from both the bodies engaged with penis intercourse into the anus. It is sleep-depriving, too.

Women walking changed after anal sex

Anal sex involves the tiny butt hole befitted with a large circumference penis. The thrusting action of the larger size penis into the smaller anal cavity could most probably loosen the fix or stretch between the two legs resulting in differentiation of the woman's walk. A woman who is engaged in anal sex is easily predictable.


A hemorrhoid is a condition called swollen veins in anus and lower rectum. The sexual intercourse of penis penetration could easily damage the anal veins with a simple mistake of misposition.

Imperforate anus

Anal sex can lead to imperforate anus, a defect in which the opening to the anus is missing or blocked. This blockage brings up the excretion impossible leading to whole stool stored in the rectum itself, thereby damaging the digestive system and gastrointestinal.

Take Away 

The unsafe anal sex involved with multiple partners would not only lead to STIs but the prolonged delay could to anal cancer, too. Anal cancer is a lump or mass at the anal opening. It develops pain or a feeling of fullness in the anal area leading to arrowing of stool or other changes in bowel movements.

If the weight of the anus-giving person is more than the person who is penetrating the penis, there is a chance of easily burning out and breaking out of the testosterone balls.

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