What are different beard styling tools?

Beard styling tools

Beard styling tools

Be it a beard lover or one who prefers clean shaves; every man needs to have some beard styling tools to achieve the desired look. If you’re looking for a list of beard styling tools you need to have, you have to find the right place. This article will discuss different beard styling tools that you need to have in your beard grooming kit.


The first and the foremost thing that we think of when we talk about beard styling tools is trimmers. A beard trimmer is a savior for many in this new era. You can trim your beard at home and at your convenience. For those comfortable with shaving and fear cutting themselves, a trimmer is a reliable and friendly option for you.

Although it costs you a few bucks, when you look at the long-term benefits and lifespan of a beard trimmer, they are cost-saving. Some beard trimmers come with guards and combs of different sizes to help you achieve your desired beard look. Few trimmers also come with vacuum chambers, decreasing the beard mess you get while trimming and making your life easy.


Electric shavers shave off your beard instead of trimming it. There are two types of beard shavers available in the market, wet shavers and dry shavers. As the name suggests, a wet shaver needs shaving foam and water to give a clean shave, and a dry shaver will provide you with a clean shave without any shaving foam and water. Most people feel that dry shaving can cause irritation and pain due to its harshness, so it is better to use a wet shaver.


They are similar to beard trimmers but are of great aid for precision trimming. They are used while cutting, trimming, and styling hair, but you can even use them for the beard as a hack. You need to have a short beard and do not want to go to the barber often for trimming.

Beard razors

Razors are the best and more preferred shaving tools by men as they are cost-friendly, hygienic, easy to use, and give a clean shave with many efforts. There are many types of razors available in the market. A few of them are mentioned below.

Cartridge razors

A cartridge razor is the most preferred type of razor by men these days. They come with a flexible and changeable head which makes them hygienic to use. It gives a clean and close shave. It is pretty economical to use and is easily available.

Disposable razor

These razors have a fixed head and body attached permanently. They could be used once or twice and later thrown away. They are mostly made up of plastic. They are travel friendly and cheap.

Safety razors 

These are some of the oldest shaving tools and need an entire blade to be kept inside the razor. It is effortless to use and needs regular cleaning. The blades need to be changed for every alternate use. They are environment friendly and have a long life.

Straight razors

A straight razor has a blade attached to a handle and is used mainly by barbers as it requires skill and precision; otherwise, they could cause cuts.

Shaving brush

A shaving brush is the best way to prepare facial hair for a shave. With the right shaving cream or gel, your shaving brush will soften your beard and make them shavable. It can also exfoliate and remove dead cells, dirt, product buildup as a shaving brush has a similar impact to a beard brush. It helps make a thick lather and spread it evenly on your entire beard, making it easy for a razor to glide on your skin by reducing friction.

Grooming scissors

Good quality and sharp grooming scissors are a must for anyone who grows a beard and mustache. Even though you own a trimmer, good old-fashioned grooming scissors can do more than a trimmer; it gives more precision and control.

Theory helps shape the beard and cut off all the split ends that medium and lengthy beard styles often face. If you grow a mustache, then grooming scissors are an essential item in your grooming kit. 

Boar bristle brush

Boar bristle brushes make your beard soft, shiny and decrease beard loss. Boar bristle brushes also promote blood circulation, which is essential for healthy beard growth and stimulates beard follicles. It also exfoliates the skin underneath the beard, which gets rid of beard dandruff and prevents beard dandruff. It distributes the natural oils produced by the facial hair evenly to all the beard strands and also gets rid of any dirt or debris trapped in your beard. Use a boar beard brush made from boar hair and only brush it when your beard is dry or lead to split ends and breakage.

Beard comb

You might be wondering why you need a beard comb if you have a beard brush, but it is just as valuable as a beard brush but for different uses. Beard combs are to level and hold the beard in place while you use a grooming scissor. It makes trimming easier, gives you more control over how much to trim, and sculpts your beard properly into the desired look. Use a good quality beard comb, or else it will lead to split ends and breakage.

Take Away 

There are many beard grooming tools available in the market. Razors, trimmers, combs, brushes, scissors, etc., are some of them. Depending on your beard style and preferences, you need to choose beard styling tools

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