Ways to remove penis hair

Ways to remove Penis Hair

Ways to remove Penis Hair

In layman terms, penis hair is the dense hair settled in the area above the penis and below the lower stomach. Some hair is grown on the scrotum, too. The scrotum is the balls carrying testicles wrapped in loose skin below the penis. Penis and scrotum with grown hair are called hairy penis which is observed in adults.

As the penis hair starts growing from the teenage, the hair is adult hair. The hair starts showing up once puberty hits, thus called pubic hair.

Pubic hair is found in both men and women. The pubic hair brings a wild look to the genitals, few like it and few don't. Few arouse sexually and few lose interest in sex at the sight of the penis hair. It all depends on the mindset. So there is an option to remove hair from the genital part but the grown-up hair has its benefits.

Pubic hair is the body hair that is found in the genital area of adolescent and adult humans. The hair is located on and around the sex organs. Thus the sexually uneducated people think it abnormal or dirty which is not. Pubic hair is perfectly healthy and natural. It is a symptom of body maturity.


There is a term in the dictionary called Pubephilia which refers to the sexual arousal at the sight or feel of the pubic hair.

Pubic hair is not dirty. They are naturally designed beauty. To keep them or clear them is one's own choice. The raw beauty, irrespective of social norms, could be groomed or maintained growing. 

Pubic hair demerits

Even though pubic hair is natural health insurance, it also has some demerits. The untouched hair for a long time would lead to enlarged hair presence. This hair could be getting caught in the underwear making intolerable irritation at times. Thus the hair is supposed to be removed partially or completely concerning one's comfortability. 

Removal of Penis Hair

Under hygienic parameters, the penis hair is supposed to be trimmed regularly. It needs to be removed with careful attention because the skin beneath the hair is delicate. Also, the hair is near to the genitals, any unexpected reaction could lead to severe conditions. There are three ways to remove penis hair either by waxing, shaving, or trimming. Among the three methods, trimming is safe and comfortable for it is a mechanical device and possesses Sharpless blades. However, there are certain risks involved in the processes. 


Skin Irritation could happen due to sudden changes in physics. The place is supposed to be undergarments, the pores growing hair is not subjected to air. 


The unfortunate times or the careless moments can lead to cuts on the sensitive skin leading to bleeding and further infections.


The skin irritation on scratch would cause more scratching. At a point, the sensitive skin with the rubbing friction causes severe damage resulting in rashes and pimples. 


The temperature developed due to cutting friction may cause boils over the sensitive skin.

Methods of Removing Penis Hair

Brazilian Wax

Waxing is the process to completely remove the hair from the skin proposing a smooth feminine skin. This is generally preferred by women. The special waxing called Brazilian wax is subjected to a bikini show.

Men are also interested in waxing in recent days. It is

better to go to an experienced provider for the waxing is quite a violent method prone to risks, burns, injury, ingrown hair infections, bleeding. Waxing at home is an utmost care process.

For waxing, the hair is mandated to be trimmed to half-inch size first.

Shaving or trimming

Make sure the razor is clean and steady. The razor is advised to wash with antiseptic solutions.

Shave in the direction of hair growth, otherwise, the friction made out between two opposite forces ruptures the sensitive skin. 

Avoid hair removal creams except those are specially meant for public hair. The general hair removal creams could lead to chemical burns on the sensitive genital skin.

Care about Penis Hair Removal

The sensitive skin showcased after hair removal is supposed to be ventilated for a time. Otherwise, the skin is prone to rashes and irritation. 

Special care is needed for two to three days right after the hair removal. If the person is habituated to hair removal as a daily routine, the skin is also habituated and does not look for special care.

It is recommended to stay away from sex for few days right after removing penis hair for it would irk both the partners during sexual intercourse. They could be subjected to sexually transmitted infections, too. 

Pubic hair natural health benefits

1) Pubic hair is a natural metabolism surrounding genitals to keep them warm and blood circulated. 

2) The existential benefit of pubic hair is its ability to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. 

3) The skin in the area around the genitals is sensitive. So naturally grown Pubic hair can reduce friction built up with the various movements during sexual intercourse. The burning sensation is sensibly controlled with penis hair. 

4) The skin on the genital region is delicate. Pubic hair acts like a protective buffer, reducing friction during sex and other activities. It behaves as a protective wall and prevents diseases caused due to bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms which are self-born in the deeply enclosed genital area or transmitted from another body during sex.

5) The penis hair keeps the penis shaft and urethra away from bacterial and viral infections. The hair plays an impacting role in preventing yeast infection in and around the penis. 

6) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) are naturally prevented with the presence of pubic hair.

7) The pubic hair traps dirt, dust, and other harmful substitutes inserting the penis. 

8) It produces an oil-like fluid that prevents bacteria formed on the penis from reproducing.

9) Pubic hair functions to keep the genital area at an optimal temperature irrespective of weather conditions. 

10) The pubic hair controls sweat levels in the genital area without which a sense of Irritation is developed due to the wetness caused by the excess sweat.

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