Ways to enhance your beauty sleep for glowing skin

Glowing skin

Go-To-Guide for Beauty Sleep

Good Night and Good Luck! Now we are sure you might be thinking: “What the heck are they even talking about?” Allow us to explain, while some people tend to sleep on their back, some on their stomachs and while some people sleep on the side, some prefer to sleep face down. Now let’s get to the point!

Mars by GHC has come up with beauty sleep tips that might work for you. 

 Side sleeper? Check out these 3 tips:

  1. Use a soft pillow that goes under your neck and head.
  2. A duvet can help you stay warmer.
  3. Put a firm pillow between your knees (especially if you have low back pain).

Back sleeper? Check these 3 tips:

  1. Blankets should always go under the top half of your body for warmth and comfort.
  2. A duvet can help you stay warmer.
  3. Opt for a firmer mattress with some pressure point relief.

What are the Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is considered as one of the most essential things for a healthy life. It helps in restoring energy and gets your body ready to face the tasks of the next day. Similarly, it also helps in boosting up your immune system and promotes healthy blood circulation. A good night’s sleep helps you wake up refreshed and energetic for the whole day.

Our body has its own self-repair mechanism. When we sleep, our body repairs the cells. The more we sleep, the stronger our brain cells get.

Here are some of the benefits of beauty sleep:

  1. Fewer wrinkles
  2. Glowing skin
  3. Less puffy eyes
  4. Night care products work better
  5. Fewer age spots
  6. Even skin tone
  7. Faster-healing skin
  8. Prevents breakouts

How to Enhance Your Beauty Sleep for Glowing Skin? 

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy life, but for some people, it's like trying to hit a moving target. So, it would be extremely beneficial if you try out some easy ways to enhance your beauty sleep.

Know when you’re most likely to fall asleep. The time at which you’re most tired varies from person to person. While many people find that they’re tired in the evening, others feel sleepy mid-afternoon or in the very early morning hours. Knowing your body’s natural pattern of sleep is the first step in finding the right time to wind down your day.

As the day comes to a close and you begin to mentally prepare yourself for bedtime, you should be thinking about the habits that will prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. Just as important as your choice of sleepwear and bedroom decor, the activities you engage in before going to bed play a significant role in how well you sleep.

Like most things in life, how you set up your bedroom can have an impact on your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips from sleep specialists on how to maximize your beauty sleep: 

  1. Create an ideal temperature: While you might be tempted to turn down the heat before going to bed, it’s important not to let your room get too cold. Too much warmth or coldness can damage the topmost layer of your skin, resulting in uneven skin tone and roughness.
  1. Follow your timetable: Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. We know it might not be easy to follow this routine but at least you can try. This will eliminate unnecessary pressure on your skin and your body will get adequate and quality sleep.
  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Do not take caffeine or alcohol at least 2 hours before going to bed because these can have a disruptive effect on your health. The most obvious effect of the stimulant is that it can make it hard for you to fall asleep. 
  1. Avoid morning sun: While most of our sleeping time is confined in the dark, sleeping with your skin directly exposed to the sun in the morning can damage your skin’s health and appearance. Use blackout curtains to make sure that your bed is out of the sun’s direct line.
  1. Elevate your head: Elevating your head can help with snoring, acid reflux and nasal drips. All these issues can disturb your sleep and ultimately your skin. Elevating your head can also help in reducing under-eye bags and dark circles as it improves blood flow to the skin.

What Is The Connection Between Sleep And Beauty?

For most of us, the process of sleep is as vital as eating and breathing. Not only does it help us deal with stress and anxiety, as well as give our organs some downtime, but it is also crucial to maintaining good health.

The link between health and beauty has been long established. While we applaud those seeking out ways to combat ageing and maintain a youthful appearance, we also believe that a productive night’s sleep is a crucial part of a person’s overall health.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause premature ageing and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, getting a full night’s sleep can have a positive impact on your overall health and looks.

Take Away

We nurture our bodies through numerous ways like eating right, exercising, getting adequate sleep and drinking water. All these factors play important roles in enhancing the appearance of our skin. So, get enough sleep everyday, always be particular about your skincare products and follow healthy lifestyle habits so that your skin and body stays happy.

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