Types Of Underwear For Men

Mens Underwear


Clothes worn next to the skin underneath outer clothing are called underwear. The clothes deployed to tightly contend the private parts of the human body are called underwear. It is also the cloth that remains between the upper garments and the skin texture. 

Underwear undergoes various benefits from avoiding sweat to come out through the upper garments to preventing private parts visibility due to sudden upliftment of upper garments on-air application or any other force. The tightness intended through underwear is to feel fit.

Underwear is simply undergarments that vary up and down the body. Down the body are the genitals that need to be covered with underwear or underpants like boxers, briefs, cut drawers, etc. The same underwear down the woman's body is called panties. However, women would love to wear men's underwear, too. Some girls would love to wear boxers and walk in the streets shaking hips. That sight is damn hot.

There are two types of undergarments dividedly upper undergarments and lower garments. The upper undergarment acts between the shirt and the trunk whereas the lower undergarment is supposed to especially cover and take care of the genital area.

Underwear for men

Men use underwear as both private and protective clothing to their genitals. According to their genital size, comfort and condition, they can choose their style of underwear varying as boxers, boxer brief, boxer short, long underwear, etc. The boxers, shorts, and long underwear maintain no tightness helps in relaxing testicles and the nerves co-ordinated.

The consideration of buying underwear is subject to two ailments. It shouldn't be too baggy nor super tight. It is supposed to be a proper fit for the elastic tightness in-built underwear is the most important thing in wearing underwear, for most men.

Tight underwear has its benefits. They are the most preferred undergarment by men supposedly to maintain fitness between the thighs that are intersecting at the groin area. The tightness in underwear helps the groin joints to reduce the chances of displacement. They are also intended to keep the scrotum fit and steady. As the balls hang behind the penis in loose sacks, the whole scrotum is case sensitive and needs to be taken care of. The tightness of underwear condemns the elasticity of loose sacks from stressing or straining more than needed.

Types of underwear for men

As we discussed above, underwear for men is divided into upper and lower underwear. The upper underwear is called innerwear whereas lower underwear is simply called underwear.

Different types of innerwear

The innerwear for men is called vests or banyans. Depending on the shoulder edges and body fits, there are different types of vests or banyans. The vests with wider stretch at the shoulders are called full banyans. The vests with thinner stretch are called half banyans. These vests are fit and fabric to the body trunk structure. There are loose vests also available in the market that are essentially made to relax while sleeping or sitting at home.

The innerwear or upper underwear also includes t-shirts that round the overall neck and the biceps on both sides.

The innerwear is found in different types of clothing namely silk, wool, nylon, cotton, etc that are suited to various situations and seasons.

Different types of underwear

Depending on the edge cuts underwear make, depending on the groin area that particular underwear covers, depending on how to fit the underwear is attached to the groin area, there are different types of underwear that men take comfort from. Let's discuss them below. 


The underwear called brief is cut triangular to confidently fit the genitals alone so that the edges pass either side of the genital, making perfect fit to the groin area during various activities in day-to-day life. The only discomfort is the tightness briefly composed towards the penis. There are circumstances that the penile fracture caused due to tight briefs. Erection is a little hard on brief underwear. The penis may tend to become curvy under brief impact. However, sweating balls feel comfortable in the brief zone.


Trunks are what is called full underwear. Trunks are the extended sides of the brief that the edges come in rectangular cuts. They cover thighs on either side of the penis providing wide space for ventilation and erection. Trunks stretch tight at the waist.


The trending underwear is boxers. They are intended to fight comfortably during sex. They are more long and free compared to trunks and compose more elasticity at the waist compared to briefs and trunks. The scrotum and penis shaft are provided with pendulum motion on boxers. 

Take Away 

Other than briefs, trunks, and boxers, there are various types of underwear designed further on the basic types of briefs, trunks, and boxers. We would find boxer briefs, bikini, thong, string, midway briefs, jockstraps, etc all under various quality clothing brands.

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