Types of razors you can use to shave your face

Types of razors for face

Types of razors for face

Razors are a vital part of men’s grooming and facial hair care routine. Razors for the face are needed to shave off any unwanted hair above the skin surface. The term "shaving" is used to describe the act of removing facial hair by using a sharp blade to cut off the hair at its base. Different beard styles including full beards, goatees, stubble, and long stubble are considered attractive by many women these days. Before you decide on which kind of razor is best for you, it is essential to know what these razors are and how they benefit your skin and facial hair.  

Men have a wide range of options when it comes to deciding on a razor. There are disposable razors, electric razors (also called shavers), straight razors, and cartridge razors that one can use.

What are the Different Types of Razors?

Shaving is a task that most men have to do even when they have a lot of beards. However, not every type of razor and shaver for men is designed in the same manner. There are a number of variations in the types of razors and shavers for men. Some are disposable while others are rechargeable or include a cleaning station.

Below are the different types of razors and shaving products available in the market.

1) Electric Shaver

Shaver is a specific type of razor used on the face to cut facial hair. They are unlike other types of straight razors which are used to shave body hair. Shaver's are popular among men because of their convenience in shaving facial hair. These razors commonly come with a pivoting head that allows the blades to face all the angles of the face, as well as easy to hold handles and shower mounts. Electric shavers are designed to glide smoothly over the skin and cut hair immediately using foil or rotating heads. 

2) Disposable Razors

Disposable razors, as the name implies are used once and thrown away after use. These are very convenient to use. Disposable razors are a modified version of cartridge razors. The lifespan of disposable razors depends on the use and thickness of your beard.

3) Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors are designed to last for some time before you need to change them out for new ones. Cartridge razors are easy to learn and therefore, it is suitable for beginners. Cartridge razors are quite expensive and can cause razor bumps on the face. Razor bumps are caused when the hair is cut beneath the skin’s surface.

4) Safety Razors

Razors for the face are also called safety razors or open razors. When it comes to shaving, this razor is the best option. A safety razor for the face is a much safer option than most of the other types of razors available in the market today. You can use them for both wet and dry shaving.

Thus, you can use it right after you have taken a shower, or you can also use it without having to take a shower. However, with most razors around, it seems that there's a lot more redness on your skin than there is hair left over. This problem does not arise with the facial razor that's because this type of razor shifts less force on the skin and hence reduces irritation on the skin.

Does Shaving Stimulate Hair Growth?

Despite popular beliefs, a study suggested that there is no link between shaving and beard growth. Still, this myth is doing rounds around the corners. This may be due to the fact that after shaving, the appearance and texture of beard hair are quite different.

Unshaven beard hair is coarse and when you experience hair regrowth after shaving, new hair may look darker. This is partly due to its thickness but it can also suggest that the new hair has not yet been exposed to the natural elements. 

The dark shade of hair regrowth may also be more noticeable if you have a lighter skin tone. This is because of the game of color contrast and it has nothing to do with the shaving process.

Sometimes, improper shaving can lead to minor side effects like skin irritation, razor burn, cuts, pimples, blisters, itchy skin, etc.

How to Properly Shave Your Face?

Brace yourself for a safe, proper shave and follow these steps:

  • Avoid shaving dry skin as it can cause irritation. Instead, wet your face and apply shaving gel to help protect your skin from nicks and cuts.
  • Use a razor and shave in the direction of your natural hair growth.
  • Avoid shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth and do not put pressure on the razor while shaving.
  • Always use fresh blades because dull razors can lead to irritation and cuts.
  • Rinse your face with cool water after shaving to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • Apply moisturizer or aftershave lotion.

Take Away 

Razors are a shaving tool for men. Men's razors come in different varieties. One may wonder, what are the different types of razors for men and which one is the best.

The different types of razors available today are disposable razors, electric shavers, cartridge razors, and straight razors. Each razor has its pros and cons. Disposable razors are the most popular among men. They are cheap and fixable. You just replace the blades. Even if disposable razors are convenient, they do not give the smooth feel that other razors do. 

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