Treatments and remedies for under eye wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles

Signs of Ageing

The effects of ageing are inevitably present in our lives. It is important to identify these signs early on and plan for them in order to enjoy your life to the fullest.

The primary changes caused by ageing are on the skin. Usually the skin ages in 3-5 decades. The following are some of the primary changes that occur in the skin due to ageing:

The texture of the skin becomes uneven - The skin texture becomes uneven with age. So some parts of your skin might start falling off, while other parts might get too dry or too oily.

Skin becomes less elastic - Skin becomes less elastic with age. Elasticity is one of the most important properties that our skin has. The elasticity ensures that this soft gel-like layer stays cool and fits against our body parts, even when we undergo rapid changes in our posture and body movements.

In a society where the premium is being placed on physical appearance, it’s important to understand the various signs of ageing and what can be done about it.

First, take a look at the mirror to find the signs of ageing on your face and skin! Has your skin lost its elasticity? Has your skin gained wrinkles even though you are still young? The signs of ageing vary from person to person. However, the general signs include wrinkles on face, dull tone, dark circles, loss of elasticity, loss of firmness and looseness.

This ageing process is the result of natural biological functions that slow down over time. It begins when you are in your 20s and continues into your 70s or even beyond. Various factors such as environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress, smoking and drinking also speed up this process. Even if you consider yourself healthy, these factors will take their toll on your skin eventually.

Under-Eye Wrinkles: Treatments and Home Remedies

Under-eye wrinkles are a worrying topic for many women because it causes a great deal of anxiety for them. The skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest on the entire body, which makes it more sensitive to all kinds of external factors.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and requires special care to avoid premature ageing. Under-eye wrinkles sometimes occur due to several factors, but the most common causes are sun exposure, overwork and sleep deprivation. All of these factors influence the production of collagen and elastin that keep the skin firm and tight, so if one or more of these factors appear in your life, chances are you will have under-eye wrinkles sooner rather than later.

Here are some home remedies for wrinkles:

Under-eye wrinkles are one of the most common skin issues that many individuals start to worry about beginning in their mid to late 20s. As a person ages, a number of factors can contribute to under-eye wrinkles. Those factors include genetics, lack of collagen production, sun damage, and sleeping positions.

To help remove under-eye wrinkles, try home remedies such as an avocado and cucumber face mask, which you can make at home tonight with two ingredients. First, blend one avocado and two tablespoons of cucumber juice. Then apply to your under-eyes, let sit for 20 minutes, and rinse off. The avocado will help with hydration while the cucumber will help with puffiness.

A study suggested that taking a daily aloe vera gel supplement significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles. So, a skincare product containing aloe vera can easily hydrate the skin and help in getting rid of under-eye wrinkles.

You can also use a banana face pack to fight against under-eye wrinkles. Bananas contain natural oils and vitamins that can boost skin health. Mash a quarter of a banana and apply a thin layer of the paste to your skin. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Our eye area is one of the first parts of the face to show signs of ageing. The delicate skin around the eyes contours every movement we make, so it's no surprise that arthritic conditions, along with sun exposure, can cause unsightly wrinkles.

The degree of wrinkling is mostly due to genetics, but lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure and stress can accelerate ageing.

Wrinkles around your eyes are some of the first signs of aging. While getting regular facials can help, some people are looking for alternative ways to treat the lines and wrinkles under the eye. 

The following are some of the medical treatments available to reduce wrinkles under the eyes:

The injection method involves injecting a small amount into the area around the eyes to relax the muscle that causes lines to form between the eyebrows. It is usually done during a short procedure by an experienced doctor. Treatments can be repeated every six months or as needed depending on how fast your muscle regenerates. The benefits of the injection method are that it is temporary and does not cause any permanent change.

The second treatment is laser skin resurfacing. This method of facial rejuvenation uses laser light to remove layers of skin on your face. The laser resurfacing machine removes damaged skin cells by vaporizing them.

Other treatments include fillers that are soft tissue fillers or derma fillers. Your doctor may recommend this treatment to restore fullness to hollow areas. In this procedure, a trained healthcare professional will inject collagen or hyaluronic acid into your skin underneath the eye. While the results of this treatment are immediate, they are accompanied by few side effects like bruising, bleeding and even infection or allergic reaction to the filler.

Under-eye wrinkles can be prevented by following a proper skincare routine that must include moisturizing, wearing sunscreen every day. Eat a balanced diet and quit unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, etc.

Take Away

The main cause of under-eye wrinkles is related to fat and muscle loss and sagging skin. It is possible that you might be lacking in magnesium and vitamin A. That can cause wrinkles as well. Other possible causes include allergies and smoking. The treatment depends on the underlying cause, as well as your comfort level with medical procedures.

However, the most convenient and effective method is to use an anti-ageing skincare product that will help you fight against the factors that are fogging your beautiful natural skin.

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