Tips For Better Sex After 40

Tips For Better Sex


Sex is an endless course to life and living beings. One has to be born from it and one has to live with it during one's lifetime. Otherwise, there is no meaning to life. Such establishment in the mindset is the one and only possible way to life nourishment with no grit and guilt. Life may or may not happen as we expect but sex is one own thing that is prescribed in one own heart that one can attempt with expected expectancy. One of the joys of life is the pleasure of sex. 

The pressure evolved through the pleasure born out of sex is an animal thing molded-in human feelings. Such courses in life are sometimes breath giving and some other time breathtaking. One has to enjoy sex but under the long existential life crisis, one struggles with sex, both mentally and physically, from thoughts to breathing.

Sex is a hormonal excitement observed in the body expelled as an intense urge to involve in sexual intercourse. The hormones motivating sex generally occur at a young age, from teenage to mid-thirties. Anybody feels comfort and interest in sex at a young age. 

Once the age exceeds forty, it is the time for the body to have pains and problems. To forget such pains, one must indulge in pleasurable activities such as sex. Of course, there is a motive called forever young or forever 21 that completely intends the sex energy one contains in the body. 

There is a thing called sex drive that motivates a couple to engage in sex and enjoy it. Sex drive may not be as intense as it is found in the twenties. There are certain reasons for demotivated sex drive in the forties. One of the reasons could be sexual partners getting bored of so-called sexual pleasure. The body may not support sexual activity once the age reaches 40. There could be so much burden fallen onto shoulders through financial and family responsibilities.

One need not feel discouraged about age in terms of sexual activity for a man with sixty or seventy could also make the force as one does in the twenties. That is the one and only way to feel young and active in life.

Ways to have better sex in the forties

Growing up is one of the worst things in life because it outgrows a lot of unessential in life throughout the course of years. There could be a lot of experiences and memories already stored up in the mind by the age of forty.

There could be regrets from youth that could fall onto a later age and make a man go silent and joyless. Adulthood is like swimming 

The mind goes numb and always craves relaxation other than doing something creative or artistic. Sex is the first most creative and artistic activity that any living being could make out. They thrive to playfulness dies by the age a man settles home and carries a family.

To curb all the demotivating forces in life and solidly engage in sex and lead a happy life, a man must and should follow certain tips or actions that put one fit and fantastic, both healthwise and relationship-wise.

Staying fit

A man or a woman is supposed to exercise in order to stay fat. The forties are prone to gaining weight through the fat stored in several parts of the body. The fat diseases the body to engage in sex-like activities. Exercises like cardio, aerobics, gym, running, jogging, walking, etc are most basic to stay fit.

Food supplements

There are certain foods that would increase libido in the body irrespective of age. Fruits like papaya and pomegranate are best in food supplements to put fresh blood in the body that would put young age feelings in the body. Figs, bananas, and avocados are considered libido-boosting foods.

Being romantic

Putting aside all responsibilities and giving special care for the partner once in a while is most needed to stay attracted to each other during the forties. This romantic relationship would help the sexual activity work out well. Sexual happiness depends on the satisfaction of the other than the one own.

Taking trips and tours on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, giving time-space to romantic partnership is most helpful for nature during the forties.

Watching porn

Pornography is a sexual urge stimulating videography. The videos show nude persons engaged in sexual activity that impacts watching brains. The sexual arousal that occurred could be satisfied with the partner.

Practicing sexual positions

Sex could be practiced in various sexual positions that would make the activity interesting with the same sexual partner. The sex in different positions would feel different from one another and makes the partners like each other even though they are known each other in the sexual activity for a long time back.

Feeling beautiful and fashionable

Fashion makes the same person look different. The difference could arise in the sexual intention of the partner. A man would dream to sleep with his partner in different attires.

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