Things to Prepare Before Having Sex

always use protection while having sex


Sex which means sexual activity or sexual intercourse is an intimate relation, connection and action between two individuals. Otherwise, it would be considered sexual abuse.
Therefore, the acceptance for sexual intercourse by both the bodies involved in the sexual activity is a must and mandate.
Even though sex is a physical activity, its nourishment and enrichment are only felt in the mental being. This very mean understanding would tell us that sex is more to do with the mind first rather than just using the body.

What to do before being involved in a sexual act?

There are certain things to be get prepared in body and mind to have a delighted sexual experience. Let's look into a few of them.

Relax first, 

Do not panic in any thought or feeling that garners or worries over the sexual activity.
One need not worry about what to do during sex. It is a natural and basic instinct. If a person is not suffering from any kind of sexual disorder, he can simply involve in sexual intercourse with a relaxed mind.
Any person who is not at stress or tense would perform more efficiently in any kind of activity compared to the person who feels stress or tension at attempting to work out something. Sexual activity is no exception.
There is a chance to lose energy on tension rather than on the activity itself if the person is anxious or worried about the scene.
With a little bit of planning sense, one can look complete cool towards the end of sexual intercourse.
To make out relaxed motion at sex, one can prepare up oneself in certain grounds like hinting at sex long before you had it so that time sense may not add pressure to the being, having condom ready if so the protection is necessary, having lube sources ready if so needed during the intercourse, stimulating brain ready to enjoy the pleasure, making up mind about how creatively could engage during the sexual intercourse, knowing how breathing is and training it not to disturb during the sexual activity, etc, etc.


Genitals are tight and discomforting way before being involved in sexual intercourse. The idleness of the genitals may freak out the person during sexual intercourse.
There could be a lot of friction emerging from the genital intercourse such a way leading to various injuries or damages on the genital making a lot of pain instead of pleasure.
To avoid such circumstances, the sexual partners may put some lubricant on the genitals and engage in sexual activity.

Watching porn

Watching porn together on the bed could help sexual arousal or sexual turn on is one thing, works as a medium between the partners that relieve what they are going to do is the other important thing.
Pornography is a sexual urge stimulating videography. The videos show nude persons engaged in sexual activity that impacts watching brains. The sexual arousal that is brought up could be satisfied with the partner engaging in the sexual activity.

Learn Kamasutra which means various sex positions

Learning about various sexual positions sitting together understanding the way to do it and discussing it with each other is a kind of foreplay that happens before sexual intercourse.
Sex could be practised in various sexual positions that would make the activity interesting with the same sexual partner. The sex in different positions would feel different from one another and makes the partners like each other even though they are known each other in the sexual activity for a long time back.

Groom each other, compliment each other, flirt with each other, love each other, die for each other

Liking for each other is the primary catalyst to the ripening of sexual intercourse. One must have interest in the other which is not just enough but also look after expressing that interest. When one looks for grooming or complementing or flirting the other, there is an extraordinary being of romance so that the sexual activity could become an extraordinary feeling of pleasure even though it could make pains at the genital.


Foreplay is something romantic or sexual arousal or erotic behaviour or massage or facial or genital in order to achieve some solid time towards their sexual activity irrespective of whether it is intercourse or not.
Foreplay relieves stress and depression. Foreplay gives energy to battle stress and depression observed from both daily activities and sexual activities.
Foreplay energizes the body to another level of energy masses that would not let the body go depressed on simple daily acts. The physical strain and mental strain one compound upon a daily activity or living would generally go high raise which would only direction changed with sex like activities.
Foreplay is a catalyst to convert the same energy that is paining the body parts, muscles, and joints into the energies that are comforting and pleasure-giving through sexual activity.

Clear genitals internally at the same time cleaning the genitals externally

Clearing genitals internally means excreting the waste that is preloaded. The genitals on excretion being inside still create a lot of tension that could result in a type of strain that may not allow satisfying sexual intercourse.
To avoid infections like sexually transmitted diseases, one must look after cleaning the genitals externally, too.

Take Away

Be confident. Be aware that humans are sexy. Be well aware that humans are born out of sex and so meant to do sex.
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