Sunburn on face- Causes and treatment

Sunburn On Face


The life of skin is synced to either sunlight or sun rays that the skin is willing to work with sun matter rather than its actual sense to work with the body mechanism, this because the temperature radiance has more magnetism to pull the sensitive skin appealing to sun rays. This decor of the outer layer skin, skin cells, skin pigmentation, skin pores, and to apply on all, the skin sensitivity redeemed to sunray reaction alone. The total period one feels skin sensitive to sun rays that the pain or irritation is intended to control as much as possible, in either magnitude of time and pain or irritation intensity, is called Sunburn. 

Sunburn on the face

The Sun is the Sun. Surrounded by the light nature of the day, the sun systematically displays its properties onto the Earth that it has its own merits and demerits. The demerit side has its absolute heat falling onto the sensitive skin of human beings. Why not, every living species is naturally made to feel the difference of atmosphere and attitude, upon the presence of the Sun. The temperature of the sun is more like just fire. This fire on human face skin, whose beauty is smooth, oily, geeky, soft, most protective by the whole human body balance mechanism, rationalizes to radiation and rupture that one is prone to lose his skin patience to the atmosphere. This rash of various skin substances settled on the human face due to sun rays sharp quotient cut into the skin pores and lead to hyperpigmentation. The over inflammation 

developed in the flow of the skin cells due to the fight the skin faces to temperature and radiation influence produced by the Sun, the heat and light source, even worsen the hidden skin protective nature. 

The observation of sunburn for a prolonged time may lead to skin cancer

The sunburn or the sun damage caused on the skin layers on prolonged negligence could immediately or after years become skin cancer like heavy disturbances in human health. The proper care and maintenance can protect the skin showing on the human face. The face is the most sensitive and most observed skin space over all the body.

And, the sun is the most mandated presenter of the daylight existence which one faces universally. This relation between the sun rays and the skin cells or pores or pigmentation would damage a few of the skin particulars or all of them. The damage of all skin matter to sunburn for a prolonged time is increased magnitude of the burn-in both intensity and density and is what can be called skin cancer due to Sunburn or Sun damage.


Sun Protection

The best anti-aging product is sunscreen. The old-age effects are due to the carelessness of the young age. When necessary precautions are taken, there would be better living in old age.

It is never too late to start protecting your skin from the sun with sunscreen and sun-protective clothing. Sunburn is often most obvious in those areas where we forget sunscreen (backs of hands, neck, eyelids). Sun protection helps prevent further sun damage & will help with efforts to fade existing sunspots.


Antioxidants (Vitamin C, Resveratrol, coq10) help minimize oxidative stress from both UV and infrared radiation from the sun. Along with sun protection, they help prevent ongoing sunburn and fading sun damage. Apply in the AM, followed by sunscreen.


Retinoids help to remove sun-damaged skin cells and to improve collagen synthesis, smoothing out fine lines and improving skin texture. Apply at night before bed.

Chemical Peel

At-home peels with AHA, Alpha Hydroxy acid can exfoliate away some burned cells, improve discoloration, and improve skin radiance. These can be used 1-3 times a week as tolerated. If you are already using retinol, however, don’t go overboard with these, as it is easy to over-exfoliate, which can lead to dryness & irritation. 

Ayurvedic Regiments

There are various ayurvedic solutions available to treat sunburns. Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Lupine Flowers, and Turmeric are the most commonly used herbally made skin solutions. These natural lotions are gently scrubbed over the skin at night and wash off in the early morning. 

Take Away

Treatments for sunburn vary. There are products available as daily used topical creams and gels that could be gently applied over the burnt skin.

There are various chemical, herbal and mechanical skin peels. There are available cost-effective laser treatments in modern days. There are available surgery solutions to unclear the burnt cells and tissues underneath the outermost skin layer and implant an extraordinary system to replace them with new cells. 

These treatments can temporarily fade the uneven pigment, oily skin, smooth roughened or wrinkled skin, shrink pores, blisters and even restart collagen production.

But taking care from exposure to sun rays is the only safe, preventive and permanent solution.

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