Sex For First Time: Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts for first time sex

Sex for the first time

Sex for the first time simply results in losing virginity. Of course, sex for the first time is an intense excitement both mentally and physically for the whole childhood or teenage waits to experience the weight of another body through as small as genital.

Sex is the utmost definition of the inception of one genital with another. The inception could possibly involve genital insertion also which is called sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is the ultimate criteria to having said lost virginity or experiencing sex for the first time.

Sex for the first time does not have an age limit. Different lives have different moments. One may lose virginity way earlier in life whereas another may experience it too late in life.

A kid with the age of seven or eight could also engage in sexual intercourse irrespective of whether he could cum or not. A teenage kid though would eject semen, too.

After all, sex is a basic instinct. Sexual urge is as common as hunger and it must be put to a pause every once in a while.

Satisfying sexual urges or desires for the first time is something exceptional and one and only time experience in life.

The sexual urge right before first-time sex is very high for the curiosity the natural instinct generates in the body through various ailments, called mind and muscles.

To keep nerves calm through the first time sex and be gentle as almost as possible are the essentials to have a good time memory.

Do's and Don'ts for first-time sex


The pleasure obtained from masturbation is a lot more similar to what sex could pleasure. The only difference is, sex would involve another heart and personality that would company an intense activity whereas masturbation goes to all individuals that could raise loneliness in one own's life.

Sex gives a body to another body that the same materials take extreme comfort by the activity. A body laid on another body or a body sitting on another body or a body hugged another body, are all real comforts. Whereas, masturbation is a single body imagining various positions and compositions with another body and stimulating sexual glands.

Thus, masturbation is suggested to understand one's own body and sexual stimulations. Sex attempting for the first time is a little bizarre for sex is an animal instinct whereas humans act gently. Thus, masturbation could give confidence over handling genitals and sexual feelings.

However, do not masturbate right before attempting sexual intercourse. The masturbation consumes enormous energy and the orgasm once felt would not let the penis erect right away.

Better wear a condom

Most of the younger generation is losing virginity with one person and living in a relationship or marital affair with another person. This phenomenon defines that it is better to use condoms during sexual intercourse.

It is even more advised to use condoms in the aspect of avoiding pregnancy in the very first attempt at sexual intercourse.

Use Lubes or Lubricants

The genitals are way tight and uncomfortable before being involved in sexual intercourse. The unusedness of the genitals may freak out the person during sexual intercourse for the first time. 

There could be a lot of friction emerge from the genital intercourse such a way leading to various injuries or damages on the genital making a lot of pain instead of pleasure.

To avoid such circumstances, the sexual partners may put some lubricant on the genitals and engage in sexual activity.

Also, avoid using lubricants and condoms at a time. It may irk the sexual partners to dislike the sexual activity also. 

Avoid STDs or STIs

STDs is an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The same diseases can be considered as Sexually Transmitted Infections which are abbreviated as STIs. STDs or STIs are diseases or infections transmitted through sexual contact, developed by shared bacteria, viruses, or parasites. 

A disease or an infection related to the sexual transmission could be born then and there itself during sex between two uninfected persons who are subjected to earlier sex with other persons. In another way, the infected person may share a virus or parasite with an uninfected person during a sexual course. It is more of an uncertain infection, most of the STDs require a medical diagnosis.

It is mandatory to know one own self and the health of the sexual partner. One must be aware of the STDs and be acknowledged of how one is identified as suffering from STDs.

The infections or injuries or diseases that come after sexual intercourse may fear the partners from sexual activity. If they experience STDs right from the first time sex only, their life would be embarrassed or fall into complete awkwardness.

Practice foreplay

The people attempting sex for the first time are suggested to go slow all the way. They shouldn't be wild as fuck neither in heart or mind.

They better go in a romantic way rather than have sexual intentions all alone. 

Take Away 

Losing virginity is definitely not a lot to know other than just friends. Better be careful from people during and after the sexual intercourse. Keep it confidential if the sexual intercourse resulted in pregnancy or period change.

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