Remedies for period acne

Period acne

Acne During Period  

If you've noticed that your acne is at its worst during your periods, especially the days before it comes, then you are at the right place today. You might also be experiencing zits on your chest, face, even behind your ears, but only during the period. 

Acne during menstruation is a common problem and it is seen more in teenage girls and young women. Acne during menstruation can be understood as a hormonal imbalance that occurs at this time due to the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone levels during the menstrual cycle. 

Estrogen increases sebum production and its level during this phase is very high thus leading to acne. This condition is exacerbated by the fact that usually teenagers and young women are quite tensed at this time due to various reasons such as exams/final year projects, pressure from parents, partner's expectations, etc. 

The first step for treating acne during menstruation is to try and balance the hormones through different remedies. But the choice of remedy depends on the symptoms and severity of acne and treatment will be decided by the practitioner after taking a detailed case history and examining the patient.

Tension during a period can also trigger hormonal imbalances that affect the production of lovemaking hormones in your body. A higher level of tension can lead to higher levels of androgen hormones, which may lead to acne breakouts.

It is a common fact, women get acne during periods. Some get it only during the initial days of their periods or at the time of ovulation, or they get it year after year, with every menstrual cycle. Severe acne may continue even after the menstrual periods are over.

Women experience hormonal changes in their bodies when they reach puberty and during menstruation (periods). While these hormonal changes occur in both men and women, they affect men differently.

Every month in the female body, there is a major fluctuation of hormones that trigger the endometrial lining. This lining is shed during menstruation or this is what we refer to as the actual period. When in this process, there is a rupture in the endometrial lining in some women and this results in hormonal imbalance which causes acne.

Remedies For Period Acne

For women on their period, acne is always a nightmare. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable and just a total nuisance. Everyone has a major struggle with acne, but when you have bad skin during your period, the struggle is doubled.

The symptoms of period acne are similar to the symptoms of non-menstrual pimple acne; however, some symptoms are unique to period breakouts. You might notice multiple zits at once or breakouts in areas you don't normally break out in like your back or chest.

Here are some remedies for period acne:

  1. Honey: Honey is full of anti-oxidants that keep the skin hydrated and thus prevent acne breakout. To use this home remedy, mix some honey with glycerin and apply it to your face. Allow it to stay on your face for ten minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. This remedy can be used daily for the best results. You can also consume honey for acne problem as it also helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin. Use this remedy to treat acne or prevent it from occurring. 
  1. Warm or Cold Compress: To get rid of pus and soothe pain, you can apply a warm compress on the acne-affected areas for 15 minutes at a time, three or four times a day. You can also try a cold compress or ice for 10 minutes at a time to relieve pain and swelling.
  1. OTC Medications: Alternatively, you can use some easily available OTC topical medications like ben-zoyl per-oxide that help in killing acne-causing bacteria. Even sali-cylic acid products like cleansers or cream can also help in clearing pores.
  1. Prescription Medications: Your doctor may prescribe some retinoids that can treat mild to moderate acne and these can also be used for long-term prevention. Anti-androgens such as spiro-nolactone are also effective in treating period acne.
  1. Anti-Acne Gel: Treating period acne early with proactive care by using our anti-acne gel can prevent future outbreaks from occurring by unclogging the pores and preventing other more serious complications of major breakouts. Our anti-acne gel contains nia-cinamide, sali-cylic acid, aloe vera, zinc and glycolic acid. All these highly potent ingredients help in fighting against acne-causing bacteria.

Take Away

Based on the findings of a survey conducted by Mars by GHC, acne is most common among women, especially during their menstruation cycle. This is because the level of female lovemaking hormones rises during this period. Also, many women experience mood swings and fluctuation during their menstrual cycle. It may lead to an overload in the hormone-sensitive oil glands, which can cause acne breakouts.

Period acne can be seen on the face, back and shoulders but there are many other causes of back acne as well. In adults, acne is due to hormonal changes as well as tension. Acne vulgaris, the most common type of acne, usually affects teenagers and young adults but can persist into adulthood. 

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