Reasons Married Couples Avoid Having Sex

 A debt in mind cannot coordinate composite sexual satisfaction.

Why Do Married Couples Avoid Having Sex?

One of the mainstream reasons to avoid sex between a couple is boredom. Once a couple is married, one's self becomes better half to another self. In such a way, they are the same as one another. This condition would leave them with no excitement in life.

The psychological behaviour of a human being cannot be guaranteed life long as just as how long a living being could live on earth. During such mortal lives together, there could be mindful egos running over their bodies that would not let them bow down their heads.

Once married, life becomes a wife. In that way alone, a husband can satisfy his woman. In any other prospects, it simply means the husband is exploiting his wife right from engaging in sex to taking all other services offered by the wife in order to make a home.

To satisfy the wife in bed, the husband has to look after her psychological needs, financial needs and after all, her body needs and health. A debt in mind cannot coordinate composite sexual satisfaction. The mind which is free from all needs could only comfort by sex kind of pleasures. In fact, sex is a luxury only few can afford. A healthy and unified body alone can make sure of satisfying sex.

Listening to a wife is the first most important thing in sexually activating her. Behaving with her mind is what she needs. Avoiding toxicity, maintaining hygienic conditions are essential to a flatter wife.

Modern-day technology has brought up social media which showcases different faces day to day during which one in the married couple may get attracted to another personality or would feel the notion of having one woman a day or one man a day. Such feelings cannot be satisfied with just one routine human being in life.

A beauty quotient is a mandated requirement in the field of sexual intercourse. A man or a woman can get bored of seducing the partner in the longevity which may totally disappoint the partner from having sex. Carelessness and recklessness are the major role players in disrupting a well-being relationship.

Marriage is not just having sexual affair. There are a lot of other duties that need to be done in order to run life properly with no worries. If the partners fall in more attention to taking care of their life than having fun in life, they may lose grip over sexual life.

Lack of Interest 

Kids can be another reason to stop having sex. If the family is extended to having kids, there would be additional responsibilities of taking care of kids. The cuddle that is supposed to be taken between the couple is replaced with cuddling kids.

Sex work out extraordinary on excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm whereas known faces together keep on losing enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity upon one another with the number of times sexual experiences are happening one after another. This loss of interest is also one of the major factors for married couples getting divorced and looking for another partner in life whether it is legal or illegal.

Generally, men are two kinds. One of a kind is possessive, aggressive and caretaking whereas the other kind men may not be egoistic about their possession of their wife nor become aggressive over a bit of time or misunderstanding nor put a special eye on taking care of their wife.

The tragedy with life and marriages is that the matches do not work out perfectly. The women who look after men who are less possessive may get men who are possessive whereas women who prefer possessive men might get non-possessive. Within this difference, there is a lot of drama involved that take up the major time and life moments leaving no chance for sexual activities.

There is a saying in general that marriages are made in heaven but somehow see understood why the saying is so. The answer is sex that feels like heaven-like pleasure. A married couple alone can freely have sex in a societal surrounding.

You may maintain a sexual affair with a man or a woman who is not married to you. Such an affair can face a lot of tension in heart and mind thinking and feeling what would happen in the relationship which is out of no security and certainty whereas a marital sexual affair is such relaxing music in life but the problem is human minds are not perfect nor moral. The mind looks for some mischief in life which can put some pressure on life alongside pleasurable moments.

Human bodies may not always be in good health. They are subjected to various health disorders. Coming to sex though, there are sexual health issues, sexual diseases, sexual infections, sexual disorders and sexual malfunctions that may bring distance to the married couple, too.

Take Away

To cross all the differences they have in their heart and mind and put souls together is one typical task. Sex is not just a physical act but a whole new psychological act between a couple become on arranged marriage.

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