Reasons For Weight Gain In Women?

Reasons for weight gain

Reasons For Weight Gain

Weight gain in women and men is different, while some of the reasons for weight gain in both genders may be similar. Women go through childbirth that changes their body, they gain weight and while looking after their family they neglect their needs and requirements. 

Obesity is a huge problem in the growing population and it leads to a lot of problems in young women, today we will be discovering various reasons that may lead to weight gain in women. Poor eating habits also lead to weight gain in women, it is becoming a serious issue that needs to be tackled. 

Reasons for Weight Gain in Women

Many a time we are not able to identify the reasons for rapid weight gain until it is too late, here are a few reasons why women may gain weight over time. 

1. Hypothyroidism as a reason for Weight gain

Hypothyroidism is a condition that happens when our thyroid gland is not making enough thyroid hormones. This condition can cause rapid weight gain and can make you feel tired and weak at all times. Without enough thyroid hormones in your body, your metabolism tends to slow that is how you end up gaining unwanted weight. 

If you are someone who is gaining weight and do not know what the reason behind it is to get your thyroid test. Thyroid medication can help you reduce weight if you follow a proper diet and exercise plan along. 

2. Age and Menopause 

Age and menopause go hand in hand, women tend to gain weight during menopause as it causes a hormonal imbalance leading to weight gain. However, age plays an important role here too, with age our metabolism slows down too which plays an important role in weight gain. 

During menopause women tend to gain more weight on their lower body, this can be managed if you take the right precautions. You must start early with all the necessary lifestyle changes, taking your vitamins, eating a balanced diet, and working out regularly. 

3. PCOS a hormonal problem in women

PCOS also known as polycystic ovary syndrome is a very common hormonal problem in women. Women who suffer from PCOS get cysts in their ovaries which imbalances the hormones, the menstruation cycle and can be a cause of excessive weight gain. 

Most doctors consider PCOS as a lifestyle disease, it is treatable but not curable. You can treat PCOS with a healthy lifestyle cutting carbs, sugar and lowering down the calorie intake. However, if you do not keep a track of your health the cysts might come back. 

4. Psychological Factors 

Psychological factors like depression, anxiety play a huge role in rapid weight gain. When we are not mentally satisfied or happy our body gets low on energy which leads to lethargic behaviour. During this time you may develop poor eating habits many people with depression find comfort in food so each time they deal with a tough phase they overeat. 

This eventually leads to a poor lifestyle and rapid weight gain. Many doctors may put you on antidepressants which also lead to weight gain. If you are dealing with depression and are taking the help of antidepressants and seeing a weight gain then it is suggested that you talk to your doctor and change your medication. 

5. Environmental Factors for weight gain

Stress has become an inevitable part of our lives, we all face some or the other kind of stress every day in our lives. Job change, location change, death in the family all can be a cause of stress. 

Just like men, women also face work stress which can cause trouble to their hormones and lead to rapid weight gain. Stress does not only hamper our physical health but can also be a burden to our mental health. If you are under stress then take your time for yourself and enjoy life one moment at a time. Indulge in self-care, meet your friends, take a short vacation, journal every step that counts. 

6. Insomnia 

Insomnia can be a reason for your weight gain, it is proven that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep tend to have more body fat. Getting 8 hours of sleep is a must as it will help your body get all the energy to work hard the next day. 

Lack of sleep can make our body produce cortisol and insulin at a higher level which is the reason for weight gain in the body. So, if you want to keep your body and mind healthy go to bed early and get the necessary 8 hours of sleep. 

7. Junk food 

Junk food and fast food chains use insane amounts of sodium and sugar which can imbalance our hormones. They use refined oils and preservatives that are harmful to our bodies. A high amount of sodium in our body can lead to weight gain and many of us are not aware of this. 

Packaged food contains high levels of sodium, from our salad dressing to packed chips, canned food all are bad for our body and can cause rapid weight gain. 

8. Water Retention 

Water retention just like higher levels of sodium can be a cause of weight gain. Water retention happens when we do not drink a lot of water on a daily basis so our body tends to hold onto the water and store it for the future. 

Try drinking lots of water on a daily basis as this will help you deal with water retention and will help you detoxify your body.

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Take Away 

Hope we have been able to talk about the reasons for weight gain in women, if you are gaining weight and do not understand why then look at the above reasons and try observing your body. 

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