Reasons For Armpit Pimples

Armpit Pimples

Armpit Pimples: Causes & Symptoms 

Armpit pimples are a skin condition that many people can relate to. They occur when the sweat ducts become obstructed and blocked. The obstruction leads to a buildup of sweat and bacteria, which leads to irritation and breakouts. Armpit pimples can be very painful and sometimes lead to infections under the skin.

Here are some of the main reasons for armpit pimples: 

  • These pimples can be caused by wearing tight clothes, sweating and even carrying heavy stuff in the gym. They are quite common in both men and women. The armpit has sweat glands that release sweat to cool down your body when it is warm. Sometimes when the sweat glands get blocked, they get infected and cause pimples or acne.
  • Another reason could be the friction caused by the clothing. This friction leads to the formation of pimples and acne. The best way to avoid armpit acne is to ensure that you wear loose-fitting clothes. If the same has already happened and you have armpit pimples, it is essential to keep your armpits clean and dry.
  • Using a razor to remove the underarm hair increases friction and irritation to the delicate skin in this area. Shaving the skin under the arms can sometimes cause a red, bumpy rash. It can be itchy and uncomfortable but tends to resolve within a few days. 
  • An ingrown hair is hair that typically has grown out of the hair follicle and then coiled or curled around to grow back into the skin again. Ingrown hair should resolve on its own but this can sometimes introduce bacteria which may cause folliculitis.
  • Boils or furuncles are red and painful bumps that result from bacterial infection. Boils are more likely to appear on the skin that gets exposed to moisture and friction such as that in the armpits and groin. Without proactive treatment, boils can continue to grow larger and more painful. 
  • Yeast infection frequently produces armpit pimples or pustules which are pus-filled red blisters. Areas of the skin that often become moist are at risk of developing a yeast or fungal infection.

Underarm pimples tend to leave scars on the skin. They also look gross so it is important to treat them at the right moment. If left unattended, the bacteria can spread causing further skin issues. 

Armpit pimples are very itchy and embarrassing, especially if you’re working out at the gym or wearing sleeveless tops. The only way to cure armpit pimples is by treating them properly.

Preventive Measures

No matter what your age or race, if you have light skin and dark hair in your underarms but no other symptoms that point to a hormonal imbalance, your armpits are probably just prone to breakouts.

The best way to deal with an armpit pimple breakout is to cleanse the area with a good antibacterial soap every day. This helps to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. It also prevents further breakouts as it gets rid of bacteria that helps in causing acne.

You should also make sure that you cleanse your underarms twice a day. Once you take a shower, wipe the area dry and then apply a good moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and prevent any further flaking or irritation.

Remedies for Armpit Pimples

The armpits are just like any other part of the human body and hence, should not be different from the rest. The armpits and specifically the sweat and oil glands can get affected by a variety of factors. 

Atypical armpit pimples, also known as milia, are small white bumps that arise on the skin near hair follicles. The pits or cracks in the skin contain keratin, a protein predominant in hair and fingernails. Milia are not harmful in any way but they can be embarrassing if they develop on your face or underarms.

Armpit pimples are an extremely annoying problem that can be caused by excessive sweating in the armpit area. These pimples can be very painful and may also cause infection if they are not taken care of in time. One must, therefore, know how to get rid of armpit pimples quickly in order to get relief.

To treat folliculitis, people usually go for antibiotics. Shaving in the direction of hair growth can help prevent folliculitis. An antibacterial soap such as benzoyl peroxide wash can also help kill the bacteria on the skin. However, this can be very irritating to the skin for some people. So, it is best to speak with a dermatologist before using any OTC antibiotics since these can sometimes cause an allergic skin reaction called allergic contact dermatitis. 

To treat allergic contact dermatitis, certain medications can help like OTC antihistamines that can help with itching and topical steroid creams that can soothe a mild reaction.

If the cause of armpit pimples is razor burn then you can use a new razor and keep the armpits clean and free of bacteria.

For treating armpit pimples caused by boils, applying a moist heat pack a few times a day can help speed up the healing process. Once the boil ruptures, a person can apply petroleum jelly and then cover it with sterile gauze until it heals.

If the boil worsens or does not go away on its own within a few weeks, or if the person has a fever or feels unwell, they should see their doctor because in some cases, the doctor will need to make a small incision to help the boil drain and heal.

For treating yeast infections that can cause armpit pimples, OTC antifungal creams can be used. A yeast infection can resemble other conditions that need different treatment, so it is best to get a diagnosis from a doctor.

Take Away

Avoid wearing tight clothes that don’t let your skin breathe. Avoid deodorants that contain alcohol or other harmful chemicals; they clog the pores and make it worse.

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