Natural Remedies for Saggy Skin

saggy skin

What are the Causes of Saggy Skin?

Sometimes, we wish we could grab our skin and tell it to stop sagging. The good news is that you can reverse the signs of ageing by starting today—with a few simple natural remedies and nutritional supplements.

The skin around the neck, chest and face is subject to gravity, genes and the effects of ageing. The neck often sags due to ageing or the loss of fat in the face, causing a double chin. The skin on the arms and legs can become slack when fat is lost through diet or decreased muscle mass.

The ears can also lose shape or sag as they age. Chin skin may also appear loose when excess weight is lost due to dieting. Genes are a factor in the development of longer legs and smaller buttocks. Sagging skin in these areas will occur if a person loses a great deal of weight.

It is natural for the skin to lose elasticity as you age. While you are still young, collagen and elastin fibers help hold your skin tightly in place. As you age, these fibers break down. Over time, fat and collagen may accumulate in the skin as well. This results in saggy skin, which is also known as loss of elasticity or laxity.

There are lots of causes of saggy skin. Usually, it is because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, weight gain or loss, menopause and men’s growth hormone production decreasing as they age.

Like any other issue, saggy skin can be looked at and treated from different angles. No one product will target it, though you can use supplements and creams. All these have their benefits but have several drawbacks too. Let us look at how to deal with saggy skin in a natural way.

Natural Remedies for Saggy Skin

There are many factors that can contribute to saggy skin, but how can you determine the real cause? Ageing, saggy skin after weight loss or gain, skin damage, and genetics are just a few factors that can cause saggy skin. 

Many women suffer from sagging skin after getting older, especially around the neck. In fact, saggy skin may be the most common complaint about women over 40. Some women begin to look older than their actual age, because of their saggy skin, which has a big impact on their appearance.

We all have a friend who seems to have the most beautiful skin, even when they’re well into their 40s. While genetics could have something to do with it, most likely they have some sort of home remedy or a bit of advice they swear by.

Your saggy skin is a result of ageing. You cannot do anything if you are suffering from saggy skin, apart from trying home remedies to treat saggy skin. The skin's elasticity begins to decrease as we age, which causes the skin to lose its natural firmness. If your saggy skin is annoying you, there are natural remedies to help improve the appearance of the area.

The top dermatologists recommend the following home remedies to treat saggy skin:

  1. Vitamin E: Not only helps you in promoting healthy and glowing skin but also helps in firming the skin and removing wrinkles. It is also proven to strengthen collagen and elastin production leading to firmer and supple skin.
  1. Aloe Vera: This herb is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles from the face. Apart from this, aloe vera also hydrates the skin and makes it smooth and soft.
  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a staple ingredient in kitchens but can also be used to tighten saggy skin. Coconut oil is a powerful antioxidant that works to eliminate free radicals that can damage the skin. It has hydrating properties that moisturize the skin, thereby preventing sagging.

Medical Treatment for Sagging Skin

There are three reasons for sagging skin: age, weight loss, and weight gain. 

The first reason is age. As we age, the collagen and elastin in our skin trouble decrease, which can result in sagging skin. This can be corrected with something as simple as a dermal filler. A dermatologist will inject these hyaluronic acid compounds into the skin to improve its tone, texture and volume.

The second reason is weight loss. When we lose weight, we lose both fat and muscle mass. The loss of fat can be easily corrected with a procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift. But the loss of muscle is not as easy to fix. In this situation, you will require surgical intervention, but this will only provide you with what your doctor would term "surface solution".

Other treatments:

  1. Laser Lipolysis:

Laser Lipolysis involves the destruction of unflattering adipose tissue with laser light. Laser lipolysis can be performed on the chest, abdomen, saddlebags, back fat and love handles.

  1. VelaShape Body Sculpting:

VelaSmooth targets the deeper levels of fat in the skin with high-energy sound waves that cause controlled thermal damage in the tissue just below the surface, leading to both immediate and long-term benefits. VelaSmooth can be performed on the abdomen, flank, buttocks and love handles.

Take Away

Saggy skin is nothing but the elasticity of the skin, which is beyond its limit, causing it to fall down. In addition to ageing, saggy skin can also be caused by several other factors. These can be bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, improper skincare regimen and hormonal problems etc.

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