Most common skincare mistakes to avoid

Skincare mistakes

Common skincare mistakes to avoid 

To get the most out of your skincare routine, it is essential to identify the right products. This could mean different testing products to find the best formula or product with a particular property. Overusing a product can also lead to dryness or irritation of the skin. Mistakes in the skincare routine could be irritating to the eyes, causing redness or discomfort. 

To simplify things for you, here are the most common skincare mistakes made by people. Pick and choose from the list based on your concerns and your own needs. The science behind each product is fundamental as well as how it behaves on your skin. Some common skin care mistakes that most people make can lead to dissatisfaction and do not give desired results.

Common skincare mistakes

Here are some most common skincare mistakes that you should avoid in your everyday skincare routine.

Avoiding sunscreen

Many men avoid sunscreen and ignore it completely. Sun rays contain UV rays that damage skin and even cause skin cancers. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion to block UV-A, UV-B rays, and a minimum SPF of  50. You need to apply sunscreen, especially between 10 a.m and 4 p.m; during peak hours.

Bad shaving habits

Some people immediately exfoliate their skin after shaving when sensitive and prone to any cracks and flaking. Ensure to wash your face with warm water before shaving and use a good cleanser to soften the beard and stop ingrown from growing again, using a shaving cream before shaving and after shave after shaving.

Shaving creams tend to irritate the skin, so getting a good quality shaving cream can moisturize your skin. Use sharp and new razors to avoid infection. Don’t pull the skin while shaving to shave your beard very close to the skin; this could cause ingrown hair and cause irritation. Here is a detailed article on how to treat and how to prevent ingrown beards.

Wrong products

Your favorite products that you pick without thinking about might be either good or harmful to your skin. Some products might be harsh, and you might not be able to notice them. Powerful chemical products can leave your skin dry and prone to flaking. Choose a skin product, be it a facial cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, etc., according to your skin type. Chemicals like parabens, sulfates, etc., are very harmful to skin and hair. Make sure to use a product with natural ingredients.

Use exfoliating or mild cleansing products if you have oily skin, or use oil-based products if you have dry skin. Make sure to keep in mind the season and weather conditions while you apply any skincare products.

Wrong diet and food habits

Overindulging in alcohol can dehydrate the body and will dry out the skin, and make it look lifeless. You need to drink lots of water even if you're not consuming alcohol to stay hydrated and keep your skin healthy. Sugary foods spike insulin levels which stress your body and cause skin breakouts. Eat lots of foods that contain antioxidants like green tea, lemons, etc., to prevent cell damage from free radicals.

Not cleansing enough

Residue from skin products can accumulate, especially in the beard region if you are growing one. Prolong accumulation of chemicals can clog pores and also irritate your skin. Use scrubs at least once every two days to ensure no residual products linger in your beard region. It will make your skin look healthy and decrease beardruff.

Most people often forget or ignore to cleanse their face after a workout. Remember, sweat can be a breeding ground for many infections. So wash your face post-workout with a gentle face wash.

Picking at blemishes

While as tempting as it feels to squeeze blemishes and acne, it should be avoided. Popping them out will make the area prone to infection from the germs in your hands and fingers. These germs can get trapped in the pores of the skin and cause inflammation.

Not changing pillowcase

Leaving your pillowcase too long can increase the risk of skin problems such as acne, bacterial infection, and so on. It is advised to change the pillow every week or even more frequently if you sweat more to avoid microbial infection, acne, etc.

Take Away 

While it is popular and healthy to maintain a skincare routine these days, it is crucial to avoid skincare mistakes. Aiming for a healthy-looking, hydrated, acne free and spot-free skin is what we all look for. But most of us do not know what we are doing wrong and why we don’t get our desired look. Sometimes, most of us use the wrong product, follow improper shaving practices, have an unhealthy diet which causes many skin care problems. This article will help you to go through some common skincare mistakes that most of us make.

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