Mesotherapy for Hair Growth

Mesotherapy is a technique, where it encourages the hair follicles to grow more hair or turn down the bald into fully grown hair.

Hair Loss

When you put your hand on the hair you can see the fine clump of hair shedding out from the scalp, which is quite depressing and should be taken into consideration. Nonetheless, after pampering the hair with organic shampoos and conditioners, even if you see the same result of hair loss, then you need to discover the causes behind the hair fall. 

The actual reason for hair fall is due to many reasons. We should consult a physician and discover the cause behind hair fall. It is normal if fifty to a hundred hair sheds from the hair but if it exceeds this number it might be due to some health issues or scalp disorder.

Types of Hair Fall

We get perplexed if we shift focus on the types and reasons for the hair fall, instead of looking for the solution to sort out this condition. If you feel the sense of emptiness on the scalp, where it was not used to be in that condition before, then you're added to the hair loss club. Reasons include genetics, pollution, improper diet and hormones.

Here are different types of hair fall:

  1. Traction Alopecia: This condition is mostly observed in women than men. It is caused by tight tying of hair in the form of braids, ponytails and by using tight hair bands, rubber bands which loosens the grip of hair follicles and leads to hair fall.
  1. Involutional Alopecia: Ageing declines hair growth both in men and women, so, old people are more prone to hair loss than hair growth. Involutional alopecia is the age concern disorder, where the hair growth slows down and hair loss rises. New hair may grow but at a slower rate, therefore the development of thinning hair is observed.
  1. Androgenetic Alopecia: This is the condition where hair follicles lose the strength to sustain and leads to hair fall. This is genetic and caused by the appropriate production of androgen hormones and it is mostly seen in men and women. Increased level hydroxytestosterone can weaken the hair follicles

Conditions that Lead to Hair Loss

  1. Thyroid is the condition where hair loss occurs due to inappropriate production of thyroxine. If the thyroid gland secretes more thyroxine then the condition is called hyperthyroidism and if it secretes inadequately, the condition is called hypothyroidism.
  1. Low blood levels in the body due to iron deficiency and the condition is called anaemia. so, the hair follicles lose tenacity and start shedding.
  1. Getting exposed to pollution and harmful radiation leads to hair thinning.
  1. Improper diet, that is, not eating the food to reach our daily requirements of protein and nutrients leads to hair fall.


Mesotherapy is a technique, where it encourages the hair follicles to grow more hair or turn down the bald into fully grown hair. The skin has four layers: an outer epidermis, middle mesoderm, inner hypodermis and subcutaneous layer. The term mesotherapy is derived from the word mesoderm because the technique is performed in the middle mesoderm, so the procedure is titled out as mesotherapy. 

It utilises needles that are infused with vigorous essential vitamins and nutrients and then injected into the hair follicles. By directly addressing the viable source to follicles, increases hair growth. It's is going to take six or seven sessions to complete the procedure. In-Depth care has to be taken to maintain the hair.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

  1. The direct dispatch of strong potent sources into the dermis layer of skin by utilising microneedles for the formation of strong and healthy hair. It's a direct and effortless technique.
  1. Strands of hair are attached to the hair follicles, which are present in the skin. Sebaceous glands shield the hair against getting damaged by producing the natural oils which keep the hair moisturized on the scalp. This technique stimulates hair growth by directly triggering the growth factors like keratinocytes in the scalp. 
  1. Mesotherapy is a contemporary technique that ensures the safety and painless jabbing in the scalp. The balanced diggings don't harm the other tissues in the scalp. It is even better than the other hair treatments performed for hair thinning and balding.
  1. This technique helps in the complete rejuvenation of the entire scalp by promoting new hair. The piercing helps in promoting angiogenesis and vasculogenesis. Angiogenesis means the formation of blood vessels from the current one and vasculogenesis is the establishment of new blood vessels.
  1. Incessant itching of the scalp leads to scalp inflammation and the condition is called “SCALP PRURITUS”. Dandruff, psoriasis, cause intense harm to the hair follicles. Mesotherapy reduces scalp inflammation and allows hair to grow in fine habitats.
  1. Lymphatic capillaries function in migrating the immune cells to the overall body and eliminating toxins from the body. Recent studies declared that hair follicle stem cells regulate the process. Mesotherapy energies the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins and providing us with complete good health.
  1. It balances the appropriate ph in the scalp.

Take Away

Mesotherapy is a type of micro-needle therapy that is pro in healing hair loss and hair thinning, can be administered by both men and women, which can solve all the hair related problems and is affordable too.

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