Did you know these Masturbation side effects?

Masturbation Side Effects

Did you know these Masturbation side effects?

First, let’s understand what is masturbation. The self-satisfaction or self-pleasure or self-orgasm stimulated by one's hand or another person's hand's interference with the reproductive genital is called masturbation. It is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner. 

This is a complete, utter silence generated in the brain cells, for the whole tension in the body interchanging with brain cells would suddenly transfer to orgasm energy enveloped at the erectile or arousal genital. One has to feel it, after all.

A man masturbates his genitals with the help of his hands whereas a woman masturbates her genitals with fingers. A woman goes precise and deep to the point of grooming her genitals to the orgasm called sexual pleasure. Without further delay let’s know about the masturbation side effects on our bodies.

6 Masturbation side effects on the body

The neurons take a different outlook upon experiencing sexual pleasure stimulated through the orgasm involved in the to and fro motion of the genitalia. The neurotic contamination with sexual energy or pleasure brings certain changes in blood flow, muscular movement, metabolism, hormonal discharges, digestion, and respiration.

1. Masturbation side effects on the head

The normal blood circulation in the body and head is systematized by the heart. The heart has the duty of sending and receiving blood from vessels connected to overall body parts and head parts. Human nature is to stand with the support of the spinal cord the heart provides excessive blood to the head part alone compared to other body parts. 

However, a genital on sexual stimulation or orgasm could grab a lot more than what the head and other parts combined send or receive. As the head is the most blood-grabbing spot and it is the one that is going to get more affected by sexual stimulation generated in the genital, even more, when it occurs with masturbation for masturbation is the sexual stimulation of the body by one's self. That means, the body is subjected to two energy conversions during masturbation for sexual stimulation is the duty of two persons generally. 

During masturbation, one has to compose energy as both satisfying and satisfying. It deserves excessive energy and blood flow demotivated from the head. The hand involved in masturbation pulls somewhat percentage of the whole blood circulation composed at the heart beside the masturbated genital pulling a lot more. Most of the blood circulation sent to the genitals is supposed to reach the head as they are straight up and down to the heart displacement. 

2. Masturbation side effects on senses 

Every sense in the human sensory subject is situated in the head itself. A sensory organ needs enough blood circulation to function appropriately. During masturbation, the blood circulation is directed away from the head where all the sensory organs are displaced right from breathing to seeing something.

3. Masturbation side effects on the eyes

Masturbation affects eye vision, either psychologically or physically. An experienced eye is different from an inexperienced eye. Also that the pleasure exacerbated by masturbation makes a man satisfied most with the excess energy stored in the body that evaporates at the self-satisfaction attempt. The feeling of satisfaction makes a man go lazy right from not using his senses fully, too. And most of the time masturbation involves watching porn, so excessive watching can lead to strained eyes.

4. Sleep-Deprived

Masturbation makes men tired and weak. One would like to go to sleep or relax lazily right after self-satisfaction. This phenomenon would fall onto the eyes, too, as eyes require certain energy to send their inputs to the brain nerves. The lazy head caused due to masturbation could not possess proper eyesight in most cases.

5. Post-Masturbation Guilt

Even though there are no scientifically proven adverse effects caused by masturbation in the matter of mental and physical health, most people suffer from psychological disaster right after masturbation which is called post-masturbation guilt. This guilt is only an accumulation of an uncoordinated or non-understood nervous system of one's self. Various factors can demotivate a person right after masturbation right from calories to thoughts.

6. Self-manipulation

Masturbation means self-manipulation in sexual activity. In general, manipulation means convincing something or someone with a true or false observation. However, a man when masturbates with his hands put over his genitals, there is a guilty conscience consisting of the same heart or mind where the thought of masturbating is prevailing, that somehow the person realizes how to manipulate nature exists in two ways, to masturbate and not to masturbate. 

The generally addicted to pleasure behaviour is most probably put into self-sexual stimulations. Once the orgasm is reached, a subtle mind would enjoy the pleasure of peace whereas a disturbed mind or programmed mind would simply compel to struggle to be manipulated by the sexual nature already presiding in the body.

Apart from these, there are other problems that excess masturbation can cause. And not only that but there are myths that it can cause hair fall, weight loss, memory loss, and many others.

Take Away

Masturbation is a healthy and safest procedure to get sexual pleasure. It is not a bad thing, that you need to be ashamed of. But doing it on a regular basis can have ill effects. Set some rules for your masturbating life, keep it in control, and play it safe. If you have any issues with your masturbating life or sexual life consult a health care professional immediately.


What are the benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation can release stress, treats issues related to sexual health, increase self-esteem, help you sleep better, and many more.

What happens if I masturbate regularly?

Masturbating is the safest form of getting pleasure, and if you masturbate regularly you might get relaxed but on the other side you can get addicted too.

Is masturbating daily bad for your health?

Not every person is the same, one person’s body can withstand masturbation once a day, while for others it can be two or even more too. Masturbation gets you fatigued as it drains energy, so instead of daily twice or thrice is better recommended.


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