Masturbation Effects on Kidney

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Is Masturbation Harmful to the Kidneys? 

On the internet, there is a lot of disinformation concerning masturbation. It's critical to understand that masturbation: 

  • will not cause you to develop hair on your palms 
  • does not cause erectile dysfunction in men 
  • will not harm your kidneys 

The belief that masturbation harms your kidneys may have its roots in a Traditional Chinese Medicine idea. According to a tiny study published in 2020, supporters of this approach used to believe that men with impaired kidney function (ShenKui) had a poor sexual performance

It was once considered that your kidneys served as a semen reservoir, and that repeated masturbation and ejaculation could cause bodily imbalances that could lead to illness. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this theory, and there is no proof that frequent ejaculation or masturbation is harmful to one's health. We'll refute the notion that masturbation hurts your kidneys in this post, as well as look at one kidney condition that masturbating may assist. 

Is it true that masturbating affect your kidneys? 

There is no evidence that masturbation is harmful to your kidneys. Additionally, there is no evidence that masturbating can cause: 

  • renal disease 
  • renal failure 
  • discomfort in the kidneys 

Some people feel that losing protein and nutrients through sperm can cause kidney injury. Again, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Semen contains extremely few nutrients that can be used to nourish sperm. The few nutrients have no discernible effect on your health.  

According to a study published in 2013, there are 5.04 grammes of protein in 100 milliliters of sperm or around 0.25 grammes in one ejaculation of sperm. You would only need to drink 1/2 tablespoon of milk or eat 0.1 ounces of chickpeas to replace this amount of protein. 

Kidney stones and masturbation 

Masturbation may aid in the removal of kidney stones, according to some studies. Researchers looked at the effect of masturbating 3 to 4 times per week on dropping 5- to 10-millimeter stones in a 2020 study.  

Masturbation paired with standard medical therapy was found to be as beneficial as tamsulosin combined with regular medical therapy, according to the researchers. Though the study presents an intriguing hypothesis, more research is needed to completely comprehend it.  

Is there any risk of masturbating having negative consequences? 

Masturbation isn't recognised to be harmful to one's health. There are, however, some possible physical and psychological negative effects. 


Because of their religious, cultural, or spiritual convictions, many people feel guilty after masturbating.  

Masturbation is a healthy and acceptable sexual behaviour for which there is no reason to feel ashamed. If you're feeling guilty about masturbating, you might find it beneficial to talk to a trusted friend or a sexual health therapist. 


The desire to masturbate uncontrollably is referred to as a masturbating addiction. Masturbation addiction has no official diagnosis, and whether it should be categorised as an addiction or a compulsion is still up for debate.  

The following are signs that you may have developed unhealthy masturbation habits: 

  •  Masturbation is inconvenient in your regular existence. 
  • You can't quit fantasising about masturbation. 
  •  Even when you aren't aroused, you masturbate. 
  •  You're a public masturbator. 
  •  Masturbation has a bad impact on your social life and relationships. 
  •  Masturbation is how you deal with bad feelings.  
  • To masturbate, you cancel plans or events. 

Some people can overcome their masturbation addiction on their own, but many people find that discussing it with a sex therapist is beneficial.  

Side effects on the body 

Masturbating with an abnormally firm grip is supposed to desensitise nerves and diminish feeling in a person with a penis. "Death grip syndrome" is the name given to this condition.  

This may make it difficult to orgasm without repeating the same motion over time. People with vaginas can develop a similar problem in which their nerves become insensitive as a result of masturbating under too much pressure. 

If you're experiencing desensitisation, taking a few weeks off from masturbating or modifying your method to apply less pressure may help. Masturbation regularly can cause pain and irritation. If this happens to you, you might want to take a break until the pain goes away. When masturbating, using lubricant may help avoid the problem from recurring. 

What could be causing your kidneys to hurt after masturbation? 

It's quite improbable that masturbation will cause kidney pain. If you have lower back pain after masturbating, the ache is likely the result of a bad masturbation posture. A warming pack and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine can help reduce the pain. 

Another possibility is that you have kidney stones or another renal problem that you didn't realise until after you masturbated.  

It's conceivable that you'll get a urinary tract infection if you don't use good hygiene when masturbating (UTI). Because they have a shorter urethra, persons with vaginas are considerably more prone to have a UTI than people with penises. 

A UTI can cause the following symptoms: 

  • urinating with a burning sensation 
  • urge to Urinate Frequently 
  • stomach ache 
  • pee with a bad odour 
  • hazy urine 
  • urine with blood in it  

UTIs can spread to your kidneys if left untreated. A kidney infection is a potentially life-threatening illness that necessitates immediate medical attention. It can also induce the following symptoms in addition to the symptoms of a bladder infection: 

  •  fever 
  •  your lower back is in excruciating discomfort. 
  •  nausea 
  •  vomiting 
  •  chills 

If you're experiencing any form of bothersome pain after masturbating, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible for a thorough examination and treatment.  

Take Away

There is no scientific evidence that masturbating harms your kidneys or causes any other health issues. Masturbation may even have certain advantages, such as improving your mood or assisting you in sleeping. 

It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to masturbate. You can do it if you want, or you can opt-out. If you're concerned that you're masturbating too frequently, speak with a sex therapist or someone you trust about your concerns. 

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