Male Scent - Is It Possible That It Can Sexually Attract Women?

Sexually Attract Women

Male Scent

Yes, male scent can make a woman go mad about him. That madness could make her see his tenderness in dreams or if she has access to it, she would most probably go mingle with him sexually.

The smell is one of the major ailments of the mind. A scent can bring memories. A scent can bring dopamine. A scent can bring adrenaline.

The scent is one of the major bonds and attractions between two personalities living together.

Smell or fragrance is the one and only strongest force in the universe that can touch a mind without actually touching physicality.

The scent is a serious subject in the matter of crushing a person. A woman could find out her crush's perfume, and get it in order to feel his touch and memories without his presence also. 

A wife would love to wash her husband's clothes in her foremost liking towards his fragrance get composed in the fabric.

The flavor that has come out through sweat would sustain more at the armpit like less ventilated spots. The fabrics put on the body would also grab the male flavor that makes some fragrance.

More than sexuality, the fragrance is so much of a subject under divinity.

If you watch the Spanish movie named perfume, you would understand the whole concept behind the scent.

The scent of the man is what is called male scent. Most of his scent would be found in his armpits. The woman who loves him would go find a place there. She would consciously or unconsciously go mad about his scent.

The male scent is one of the attributes of masculinity.

What more male scent can do towards sex, it is even more satisfactory in a romantic touch.

A pair can simply live for years together with just the joy felt in breathing one another's fragrance.

In psychology, women are even more attracted to the concept of fragrance. As a woman's natural being is subjected to feeling, they would feel much with the male scent, too. 

Where does this masculine scent come from?

The masculinity contained in a male body is due to various male hormones and natural substances. The testosterone-like hormones would differentiate the man's behavior and characterization from the woman. These hormones would generally flow through the body parts while the body is subjected to sweating through the skin pores that put its inner ingredients outside.

How can fragrance arouse a person?

A human mind is so much a subject collaborating on bringing together senses. A human mind would look out for sense gratification. All human beings would live by the sense of gratification through the vast size of life without getting bored.

A human mind would spend its time experiencing limited senses through various never before experienced feelings. One would love to see new things through vision, taste, touch, and smell. In such a way, the smell is one of the important senses one is dependent on.

Of course, a scent is a sexy feeling. Ascent comes under one of the inner attributes of a person.

A male scent can make a woman arouse sexually towards the person. In the same way, a woman could love a man first and through the feeling of love, could fall out for his scent, too.

A woman can feel his entire body through three senses namely sight, touch, and smelt. A woman can carve out over his whole body through the sense of smell.

A romantic bond is well worked out when the persons involved are smelling each other.

Do women love the male genital smell?

The male genital would smell a certain masculine type that women can crush on it. The sweat generated at the genital spot would settle there only without the availability of ventilation. These criteria would generally result in a certain fragrance that could typically tempt women's senses.

What about scents and perfumes that are made artificially for the male body in order to attract women, both romantically and sexually?

Other than a natural masculine fragrance, there are scents and perfumes available in the market that are intended and advertised as such as a great source to attract women sexually and romantically.

There is a famous advertisement in the name of a branded perfume that showcases a man as the dark chocolate insight of girls after being sprayed himself with the perfume.

The perfume and scent makers would generally research behind the human sense and their liking and disliking, and proportionately bring out a formula or a flavor in the concept of attracting another person.

Also, scents and perfumes are meant to be used during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse generally involves the tangling of one genital with another internally. These genitals are also meant to excrete.

During the longevity of sexual intercourse, there is a chance for the internal bad smell to come out and showcase some disliking effects on the intercourse. This is the reason behind making flavored condoms, too. 

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