Kegel Exercises For Men

Kegel Exercises For Men


Kegel is a verbal word meaning to clench one's perineum and pelvic muscles. Kegel is also a name for the pub coccygeal muscles which are pertaining to or connecting the pubis and the coccyx. The pubis is the pubic bone which is the part of the hip bone forming the front arch of the pelvis whereas the coccyx is the final (bottom-most) fused vertebrae at the base of the spine, the tailbone.

Kegel Exercises

The pelvic floor exercises that are used to strengthen pelvic muscles are called kegel exercises. The muscles in the pelvic floor indulge in increasing blood flow into the groin area and are actively engaged during sexual intercourse. If one would like to enhance sexual function and feasibility, one needs to put in time and concentration on kegel exercises.

For fitful sexual activity, kegel exercises are the best practice put in use. As sexual intercourse is seen to be an intersection of just either side's genitals, in fact though, there is a lot more involved during two bodies' sexual intercourse. The spinal cord, pelvic muscles, and abdomen are the most struggled or impacted body parts during sexual activity. If the body parts are kept in control and sustained fitness, the same is out spelled during sexual activity.

The muscles are prone to contractions in the pelvic floor due to their sitting position in the juncture of the trunk and limbs, giving rise to various pains and problems to the body. The pain observed in the pelvic muscles is stored as a weight that would lag a body during sexual intercourse. Thus, the pelvic muscles need to be relaxed from time to time in order to have wonderful fitness and motivated body speed. 

The ones who practice kegel exercises are free from laziness and depression, in most cases.

In women, Kegel exercises help the anal and vaginal cavity to maintain tightness and looseness at a time. The essential elasticity to the holes is provided with the practice of kegel exercises. The men can perform kegel exercises to keep the penis as gentle as possible. As the penis could become a boner which means bone-like muscle, it needs extreme relaxation from the contracted flaccid state. The pelvic floor muscle relaxation is a solution to erectile dysfunction.

Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercises for men could be achieved in many ways. It can be worked out in gyms, during sex of various Kamasutra positions, masturbation, yoga, and self-body composition like pushups and pull-ups.

Gym equipment

The pelvic floor muscle stretches can be found in a gym that provides equipment to grip, hold the waist tight and the motion is provided to legs and hands. The hands and legs can be moved in both the same and opposite directions.

There could be another action that can also be implemented on the body that can touch pelvic floor muscles. Heavyweights are given to either hand and the man is standing still turning complete left and complete right keeping in mind the spinal cord straight not deviating to the weight forcing sides.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is the process of pulling back the ejected semen at the point of orgasm either during sexual intercourse or Masturbation. This action, not just figures out where the pelvis muscles are feeling, but also gives a force of ejaculation stimulated towards pelvis muscles that they could go fit from being too tight or too loose.

Push-ups and pull-ups

The push-ups are the way to put all the weight on the limbs and tangle the whole body in motion. During the course, the body achieves extreme sustainability to pelvic floor muscles that cooperate between vertebrates and abdomen, the back and front major body parts. Pull-ups help the juncture formed at pelvic floor muscles stretch in a longitudinal direction.

Kamasutra Positions

There are certain sex positions that are also prescribed in the Kamasutra knowledge source that could effortlessly stimulate energy to the pelvic floor muscles. The man and woman who engage in sex in any position that stretches the spinal cord and abdomen are most eligible in practicing kegel exercises. Both anal and vaginal entrances help both the receiving hole and the entering genital called penis be fixed to a point that would definitely force up weight onto hips and abdomen.

In fact, kegel exercises are performed to perform a few of the Kamasutra positions. The stretches sometimes directly fall onto unremedied pelvic floor muscles that could produce great discomfort during sexual intercourse. Thus, people train the first pelvic floor to be flexible during various sex positions. Once the sex positions are comfortable, they could perform it for a lifetime that themselves become enough practice to kegel exercises.

Take Away

Kegel balls are a sex toy shaped like a set of balls, used for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and sexual stimulation.

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