Itchy Pubic Hair: Causes

Itchy Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is the dense hair settled in the area above the penis and below the lower stomach. Some hair is grown on the scrotum, too. The scrotum is the balls carrying testicles wrapped in loose skin below the penis. Penis and scrotum with grown hair are called hairy penis which is observed in adults.

In layman's words, pubic hair is what is called penis hair or hairy penis.

As the penis hair starts growing from the teenage, the hair becomes adult hair. The hair starts showing up once puberty hits, thus called pubic hair.

Pubic hair is found in both men and women. The pubic hair brings a wild look to the genitals, few like it and few don't. Few arouse sexually and few lose interest in sex at the sight of the penis hair. It all depends on the mindset. So there is an option to remove hair from the genital part but the grown-up hair has its benefits.

Pubic hair is the body hair that is found in the genital area of adolescent and adult humans. The hair is located on and around the sex organs. Thus the sexually uneducated people think it abnormal or dirty which is not. Pubic hair is perfectly healthy and natural. It is a symptom of body maturity.

Itchy Pubic Hair

As pubic hair is the hair growing on the most unventilated and sensitive skin area of the whole body, there are special conditions to be considered in haircare and skincare related to pubic hair. These conditions could cause a certain kind of feeling related to irritation or itching that one may not hold tight the urge to rub the skin or the hair growing on the skin in order to satisfy the irresistible itching sensation emerging from the pores or glands subjected to pubic hair.

Itchy pubic hair is possible for many reasons right from its grooming to negligence. The major causes of serious itchy pubic hair are pubic lice, razor burn, and contact dermatitis. Various sexually transmitted diseases could also engage itchy pubic hair. The normal irritation could also be itching that need not be caused by any factor or reason but simply out of the stationing at the most unventilated and sensitive skin zone.

Physical conditions like sweating and lack of a bath are the causing and worsening factors for itchy pubic hair. The groin part should be toweled well after the bath to avoid water wetness stored on the spot.

Let's go a little deeper into the factors causing itchy pubic hair. 

Itchy pubic hair due to its trimming or shaving

However the pubic hair is beneficial to genitals and sexual health, there are times that one needs to clear off the hair from the place due to excess growth of the hair or just to look groomed well to the life partner or the sexual partner. 

There are generally three ways to remove pubic hair namely, trimming, shaving, or waxing. Shaving is intended for zero-inch pubic hair whereas trimming would help to cut the pubic hair to a certain short length. Waxing is a completely different process in an attempt to completely remove the pubic hair right from its roots. Waxing provides the smoothest skin in all three ways.

However, the removal of pubic hair is, the cutting of hair over a sensitive skin zone is a proper cause of its itching. 

Skin Irritation could happen due to sudden changes in physics. The place is supposed to be undergarments, the pores growing hair is not subjected to air which could irritate the man to itchy pubic hair. 

The unfortunate times or the careless moments could lead to cuts on the sensitive skin leading to bleeding and further infections. The cuts or bleeds are nothing but an itching sensation.

The skin irritation on scratch would cause more scratching. At a point, the sensitive skin with the rubbing friction causes severe damage resulting in rashes and pimples. 

The temperature developed due to cutting friction may cause boils over the sensitive skin.

Pubic lice

Pubic lice are tiny insects that hold onto pubic hair for support and indulge in sucking the blood from the groin area.

Pubic lice could simply be born out of the conditions occurring in the groin area. They are easily transmitted to another person during sex.

These pubic lice are one of the main reasons to cause itching sensation and relatable irritation leading to itchy pubic hair.

Contact Dermatitis

Even though almost all sexually transmitted diseases can transmit itchy pubic hair sensation to another person who is indulged with the person who has it, contact dermatitis is the most common incident that could easily be bypassed from one to another.

Contact dermatitis is the itching sensation caused due to skin inflammation in the groin area. When the inflammation occurs on the skin beneath the pubic hair, it starts to impact the hair to irritate the person to itching.

Take Away 

There are various courses that could be implemented to control or reduce or totally cure itching behavior in the pubic hair. One must consult a doctor or dermatologist if the intensity of the itching is out of control. Otherwise, there are home remedies that can be applied to simply curb the sensation of itching in the initial stage itself. 

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