Is there any real solution to male baldness?

Is there any real solution to male baldness?

How many times have you worried about getting bald? Does looking in the mirror cause you irredeemable amounts of worry? If yes, then we are here to tell you it is the most common problem in the world and we want you to know that there are numerous methods you can use to reduce hair loss or baldness. However, there is no real solution for male baldness but there are a couple of things we think you should know about this. 

What are the risk factors for male baldness? 

The medical term used to describe baldness is alopecia and it’s used for both males and females. There are a lot of risk factors or causes for male baldness and we’ve listed down a few of them.

  • Sudden emotional or physical shock can lead to baldness and loosening of hair. Emotional shocks cause more of an indirect hormonal imbalance that leads to either development of bald spots or a receding hairline. 
  • Hereditary or genetics also play a big role when it comes to losing hair. You are more inclined towards getting bald if you have the hair loss gene running your family generations.
  • Systemic or progressive diseases that cause a disturbance in body metabolism also account for baldness like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 
  • Vitamin deficiencies like iron deficiency can also lead to hair loss and baldness. 
  • Harsh chemical treatments or dying can lead to permanent damage to hair follicles.
  • Injuries or tissue scarring also cause baldness in both genders. 

These were the triggers or risk factors that will put you at the risk of the development of bald spots or harsh hair loss. Another interesting fact to point out is how at the age of 50, up to 50% of men are suffering from one or the other stage of Norwood’s scale of baldness. These statistics are given by American Hair Loss Association (AHLA). 

So, you don’t have to worry about getting bald as eventually all of us are bound to face it. The process can be reversed by using medical treatments or surgical methods but we suggest using lifestyle changes to reduce your hair loss. 


There are numerous ways you can reduce your hair loss or reverse the balding process and we bring you some of them. 

  • Healthy diet: Choosing to follow a healthy diet and routine will help significantly reduce your hair loss and help you reverse if you’ve been facing any. Replacing fried food with fresh vegetables and fruits gives you better physical and mental health.
  • Take vitamin supplements: Almost all of us suffer from one of the other vitamin deficiencies and the supplements can help cover them. 
  • Avoiding straining your hair: Wringling your hair after a hair wash and not allowing them to air dry causes unnecessary strain on your hair strands and follicles. 
  • Using home remedies: Home remedies like rubbing green tea bags on your scalp or using coconut oil to rehydrate your hair. Applying aloe vera gel or DIY hair masks will also improve your hair health drastically.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking: The infomercials are not lying when they remind you not to smoke or drink. Both of these things harm you in the long run including your hair as well. 

Is there any real solution to male baldness?

For some people, baldness is considered as the process of aging which means as they get old they tend to start losing their hair but on the other hand for some people, it is a matter of real concern. People who start losing their hair in their mid-20s are affected by this thing a lot. We all know how hair affects the personality of an individual. People tend to feel more confident when they have perfect, gorgeous, and lustrous hair.

According to some surveys, at the age of 30, 1 in 4 men starts to experience hair fall and at the time they turn 80 years old the ratio jumps up to 80 percent. However, this condition is not fatal but alarming since you can lose most of your hair at a very early period. 

No one wants to have a bald scalp right? So people try to find out as many possible solutions to control their hair fall.

Baldness and its possible cures

A particular and fixed cure for balding is not found yet and the reason behind that is because there is more snake oil in the market than medicated or evidence-based treatment.

But still, as technology is advancing scientists and dermatologists have come up with many possible cures of balding. Let us look into them in detail: 

1) Minoxidil topical solution 

Minoxidil is a powerful peripheral vasodilator that is considered an effective topical solution. Minoxidil Topical Solution stimulates hair growth, and hence it is used for hair fall control, treating MPB (Male pattern baldness).

2) Anti-hair fall shampoo

It nourishes your hair and scalp with no harmful chemicals (Parabens and Sulphate free). The shampoo helps to strengthen your hair, improves the texture of your hair, and reduces hair fall.  

3) Biotin tablets 

The biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins which help in hair growth and improve metabolism. Biotin tablets include a total of 10 vitamins in it. The tablets reduce hair fall, improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and makes your hair stronger & healthier than before. 

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Image Courtesy: Daily mail, Askmen, umatter 

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